Lucky Chip

When we first moved to London, we made it our mission to try all of the best burgers!

Lucky Chip happened to be the first burger which we tried – at Netil market on a late Saturday morning. The patties were perfectly cooked – juicy with a hint of pink in the centre topped generously with cheese and the bacon was crispy and the brioche bun was so soft it almost melted into the burger. The fries were perfectly crisp too, especially considering the whole lot had been cooked in a van! If you happen to be at Netil market, try the grilled cheese from Morty & Bobs nearby too – it’s even better than it looks 🙂

Using various personal recommendations and timeout’s list we made pretty good progress quite quickly, sampling burgers at Patty & Bun, Burger & Lobster, Mother Flipper, Haché Burgers, Byron Burger, Meat Liquor, Meat Market, Honest Burgers, Shake Shack and Bleecker Street (and those are just the ones which I can remember!). We were impressed with a lot of them, and each of them had their own unique characteristics – Haché give you the option of a ciabatta rather than a brioche (not that I took them up on it, as to me you can’t beat a brioche bun!), Shake Shack opt for thinner patties (but you can get two.. and their ‘concrete’ – frozen custard is absolutely incredible!), Mother Flipper have maple syrup bacon and Burger & Lobster try to be a bit more up market with a nicer presentation and a side salad, but we came to the conclusion that nothing beat Lucky Chip. We always said that we’d go back to confirm that it wasn’t something we’d just hyped up or that we’d remembered it to be better than it was.


Then I saw an article in time out saying that the owner of Lucky Chip was opening a burger and wine restaurant near Dalston Kingsland. I’d been there once before for the street feast market – it’s a bit out of the way but well worth travelling there. The venue itself is nothing special, but it doesn’t need to be with the food being so good.. plus I much prefer sitting down and eating a meal at a table than trying to eat outside from plastic takeaway boxes trying to balance all my food with the wind blowing my hair in my face! You can book too which is always a bonus, as with popular restaurants the queues can be so unpredictable especially at the weekend.. I’ve seen and heard of people queueing for (literally) hours outside some of the most well known places. I hate queueing.. I just want to eat 😀

The menu is simple and the staff are friendly – we heard them chatting at length with people about all of the different wines on offer. We both ordered the same – bacon cheeseburgers with cheese fries. The burgers were just as we’d hoped. A soft, juicy patty perfectly cooked, topped with crispy bacon and cheese layered between a warm brioche bun. The brioche bun was so soft it literally melted in my mouth 🙂 I also asked for pickles with mine as I’m obsessed with them with a cheese burger. They’re served in little plastic trays with Lucky Chip branded paper which may be a bit cheesy but I love it! The cheese fries were well cooked – crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. The cheese on top was the perfect strength to compliment the fries, though they were a bit shy with it.. and I’d expected a cheese sauce as well as grated cheese. That is the only negative thing I could possibly say about the food there though. It was every bit as good as we remembered and I’m sure we’ll be going back there again soon! 🙂

Would I recommend it? Definitely
Worth going out of your way for? Yes.. it is slightly out of the way but definitely worth a visit!
Would I go back? Absolutely 🙂

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