I love this place. It’s perfectly located at Seven Dials – close to Piccadilly, Covent Garden and Oxford street and the atmosphere is always so lively. I’ve been here twice for brunch now, with quite a long break between visits so that I could compare it to other places. Although the menu isn’t the most extensive my boyfriend and I agreed the things they serve are definitely of the highest quality. Generally I’ve found that the best places don’t serve many dishes but they do them all exceptionally well and this is certainly the case with Kopapa.

I’m often drawn to brunch places which sell more “different” things or dishes which are unique to them. Or places which use ingredients that are a little out of the ordinary such as buckwheat, amaranth or other different grains in a muesli/granola bowl, or chestnut flour or cassava in waffles or pancakes, as I sometimes feel as though something like  avocado and eggs on toast is simple enough for me to make at home. But despite Kopapa’s relatively simple menu, they still manage to make it incredibly special.. and I can’t make it how they do!

Their avocado toast, chilli, goats cheese, mint and lemon oil is the best I’ve had. The avocado is sliced perfectly (and they don’t stinge – I’m sure I must’ve had almost a whole avocado!) and it’s paired with the creamiest goats cheese and soft buttered sourdough toast. I also got a side of poached eggs and sautéed mushrooms and their mushrooms are incredible. It says they’re sautéed in butter but I’m pretty sure when I sauté mine in butter they taste nothing like theirs!!

The spiced banana french toast is also ridiculously good. It has a slight twist – it’s served with with orange blossom labne and taramind raisin relish yet is so traditionally served with bacon and a vanilla syrup and it’s perfect. Thick soft slices of brioche piled up with crispy bacon and sweet syrup.. It’s like heaven. They also do granola and fruit salad bowls (or half and half which is perfect for someone’s decisive like me).. I rarely order granola when I’m out as I make my own and eat it everyday at home but I wanted to try it and that too was amazing. Their fruit salad wasn’t boring either – it included nectarine, blueberries, raspberries and passionfruit – although isn’t ground breaking it’s certainly more exciting than the standard fare of chopped apple, orange and a solitary grape if you’re lucky!

I’ve also had their bacon fry up. The bacon was cooked to perfection. It was crispy without being burnt and piled onto hot buttered sourdough with eggs any way you like (I chose poached as I’m still incapable of making them myself!), their insanely good mushrooms and soft roasted tomatoes. Their lunch and dinner menus look amazing too.. I haven’t had the chance to go yet but I definitely hope to try them soon.. If they’re half as good as the brunch I’m sure they’ll become a firm favourite! I’ve also seen their date scone which I really want to try it – it looks so soft and I love dates but I’ve been tempted by other things so far.

Although they aren’t well known for coffee, their coffee is excellent which is typical of pretty much every Australian cafe I’ve been to in London! I find Australian places serve coffee with a unique taste that I can’t quite describe but I’m growing to love it more and more. My only complaint is that their cups are tiny.. going there for brunch meant I really took ‘multiple cups of coffee’ to a whole new level! They also have an amazing selection of juices, smoothies and milkshakes! I usually just drink coffee and water when I go out but I had to try their juice – carrot, apple, ginger and beetroot is pretty much my perfect combination as I love ginger and find that carrot and beetroot don’t overpower the taste of the juice like orange does! Next on my list to try is their mango, banana and lucuma smoothie and their sea salt caramel milkshake! They have a selection of desserts which I have yet to try (last time I think I passed on dessert in favour of a crosstown donut, Crumbs & Doilies cake and a Cinnabon which I think were worthy choices!) but for the peanut butter lovers out there they have a peanut butter parfait with Original Beans 75% Piura Criollo chocolate délice, served with salted caramel sauce and chocolate crumble which sounds so good. It’s annoying having a peanut allergy.. though I wouldn’t exactly say I miss out on too much considering 😛

They also sell crosstown donuts which go perfectly with their coffee. They aren’t cheap, at £3.50 each or 6 for £17.50, but they are good!! I got the salted caramel and banana cream and it had slightly caramelised edges with the softest centre. The filling wasn’t overly sweet.. in fact the whole donut had the perfect balance of sweetness and flavour – despite having a sweet tooth, I actually hate cakes and donuts which are sweeter than they need to be as I think it overpowers the other flavours. The banana cream was smooth and the filling was generous but although it went with the other flavours perhaps a salted caramel filling would’ve worked better (maybe that’s just me as I love salted caramel!). I know Crosstown do other flavours which I’d love to try as although they’re pricy they’re certainly better than the likes of the more eel known Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts! Kopapa did offer a few other flavours but one was peanut butter and jelly (which I’m sure would be amazing if I could have it..) and the others were ring donuts (I prefer filled ones).

Although the food is good, the service isn’t always fantastic and we had some slight miscommunications with the waiters! I asked for milk (for my coffee) and they brought the bill.. the people next to us asked for cutlery three times before a bewildered waiter finally brought some over. It’s generally very noisy and quite cramped as they try to fit as many people as possible into what is quite a small space, and it’s not really the kind of place that you feel you can stay for ages due to the long queues. That said, I think that’s typical of almost any decent London cafe or restaurant, particularly at the weekend – I’ve known people to queue for well-known places like Dishoom for over two hours! If you’re like me and don’t like waiting for food, I’d probably advise booking as the wait can be really long or they could even just turn you away.. and there’s no where to wait inside so it can get quite cold! They also have a sister restaurant called The Providores, which I think is a little less busy, has an almost identical menu and is equally good (though a little less conveniently located).

Would I recommend it? Yep
Worth going out of your way for? Yes
Would I go back? Definitely.. I’m hoping to try their lunch/dinner as it looks even better than their brunch!

Link to their website: http://www.kopapa.co.uk

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