Stokey Bears

I have had the most incredible food weekend! 🙂 To be honest, most of my free weekends are all about food, wandering around London to find the best food and coffee but any excuse to go the extra mile and I’ll take it.. and with Easter and a 4 day weekend it was the perfect excuse to spend even more time eating! Of all the places I ate at this weekend, Stokey Bears has to be the highlight. It’s a bit out of the way and it was absolutely pouring with rain.. I was soaked and almost wondering if I could be bothered to go out of my way to visit a new burger place given how much we’d already eaten that day, but I’m so glad that we did. It was insanely good!

The staff were so friendly and the place was well decorated – the perfect balance between modern, simple and comfortable, with wooden benches, booths and just the right amount of light so that it felt relaxed without me having to squint to see my food! I find that a lot of dinner places seem to like to turn the lights down so low that you can barely see what you’re eating.. I can see why people think it’s relaxing or atmospheric but it’s a bit of a pet hate of mine.. I like to be able to see my food! They seemed to have thought of everything, with kitchen rolls on each table (you’ll need it!), huge bottles of ice cold tap water brought to us without us having to ask and they even had squeezy bottles of ketchup which didn’t have lids so they could be used with one hand as I realised many times with a burger in one hand that I had run out of ketchup yet again! We even got given sweets with the bill 🙂

As with all good burger places, the menu was simple – cheeseburger, bacon cheeseburger, double, triple and a veggie burger. The veggie burger actually sounded incredibly good – a bean burger with avocado, salsa and cheese – but despite being tempted I went for a normal burger as always.. and I’m so glad I did or I would’ve had serious food envy when Marcus got his burger! They also did hot dogs which I’m definitely going to try next time I go 🙂


The burgers were ridiculously good. They were perfectly cooked, medium as always with a soft bun, melty cheese, lettuce, burger sauce and gherkins. Gherkins are actually one of my favourite parts of a burger and cheeseburgers are usually my favourite burger because they always seem to come packed with gherkins (I know.. I’m weird!) and this one was no exception. I obviously had to try the bacon too though and it was streaky, crispy and perfectly smoked.

For me it was sides that made it though.. while the burger was ridiculously good, the sides were something else! The chilli fries were huge and perfectly done – thin, crispy fries with a mountain of slightly spicy chilli, which was full of flavour but not overly saucy so that the chips stayed crispy. I loved how thin the fries were – generally I’m more of a fan of fries with my burgers than chips, but most places seem to serve chips.. and poor chips too. For many places the chips seem to be an afterthought, only served because they come along with the burger with no effort put into making them good – at some places they don’t even taste dissimilar to oven chips. That was absolutely not the case at Stokey Bears though – they came piled up in a basket of their own and tasted every bit as good as they looked. Then there were the mac and cheese balls.. there was no way that we were not ordering those – can you beat cheesy fried carbs!? They far exceeded our expectations though and they really don’t need much explanation.. I mean just look at them!!

They were creamy, cheesy balls of deliciousness perfectly fried in crispy batter.. and they were huge! I can’t find a bad thing to say about them.. other than that they have probably ruined every future mac and cheese ball I might ever eat!

Our overall verdict was the burger itself was incredible but not quite as good as Lucky Chip, but the package as a whole – including service and sides made Stokey Bears our favourite place to date 🙂 We will definitely be back!

Would I recommend it? Absolutely 🙂
Worth going out of your way for? Yes.. I would drag myself out in the pouring rain again for those mac and cheese balls!
Would I go back? Yes!

Link to their website:

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