Pearl and Groove

I love Portobello Road. I’m a complete sucker for cute little independent cafes serving homemade food and good coffee, quirky little stores selling the most random items and a big food market and it has all of those things. I find it fascinating how different people can be and every time I go to markets I see items which I would personally never even consider buying, yet I see others being so interested in those same items. They look as though spend hours browsing through trinkets and antiques where I would get bored in minutes!

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Snaps + Rye

Today is one of those days when I honestly feel so lucky. Like everyone, I can get so wrapped up in everyday worries and work stress that when a few things go wrong or my trains home get cancelled yet again I sometimes feel like the world is against me! Relaxing weekends make me realise how insignificant those things are, no matter how big they feel at the time – I’ve got the most perfect, loving, supportive boyfriend, incredibly lovely friends and I’m lucky enough to be able to spend the majority of my weekends doing things I want to do. Continue reading Snaps + Rye

My favourite snacks

I am the world’s biggest snacker! I will find absolutely any excuse to snack – whether I’m bored, tired, happy or sad.. several of my colleagues have asked me if I ever stop eating and when I go away I pack enough snacks to feed the entire train/plane/bus! A lot of my favourite snacks to eat when I’m at home are either hard to carry in or take time to prepare which I don’t have time to do when work is busy so I’m always looking for new bars as I get through them at an alarming rate. I often get asked what my favourite snacks are and how often I eat so I thought I’d do a blog post about it!

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Veer Dhara

Since moving down South I have discovered a real love for Indian food. It’s so full of flavour, fragrance and spices and so much care and passion goes into their cooking. Ironically I went to university in Manchester where I lived literally a stone’s throw away from the curry mile but I wasn’t a huge fan of Indian food then and I’d only go when my parents came to visit, or if we had a social at a curry house. I’d love to go back now and eat there again, especially to compare the quality to some of the Indian restaurants I’ve visited in and around London!

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Farm Girl

This place had been on my never-ending list of brunch places forever! It’s on Portobello Road, one of my favourite areas of London. I love it round there – there are beautiful town houses, it’s far enough from central that it can be peaceful at times and there are so many cute little cafes and coffee shops.. plus there’s the market which is perfect for wandering round on a lazy weekend morning 🙂

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