Lola’s cupcakes

CAKE! Who doesn’t love cake!? Is there anything better than a huge slice of cake with a steaming mug of tea or a milky coffee? It’s been our weekend afternoon tradition (and weekdays too if we’re ever lucky enough to be together mid week!) for as long as I can remember to find a cute cafe, bakery or cake shop and sit inside watching the world go by with a cake.. or three 😉 When I was younger it would be all about the chocolate cake – I wouldn’t even look at the other flavours, I’d just select the biggest slab of fudgy chocolate cake! I still love chocolate cake now but as I’ve grown up (or gotten older – as everyone likes to joke that I haven’t actually grown at all!) I’ve started to love and appreciate all of the other flavours. Every time we visit a new city we’ll research the best coffee shops and cafes to go to.. I’ve been to more cake places than I can even begin to count, both in and out of London. I have a huge sweet tooth and my favourites are probably cookies and cakes.. whenever I go somewhere new my number one priority is finding somewhere good to have coffee and cake 🙂 I didn’t know where to start with writing review for all of the places I’ve been lucky enough to visit, but I thought that it was only right to make my first cake-related post about my favourite place to date.

I know everyone has different preferences when it comes to cake – flavour, texture, sweetness, the type and amount of frosting, but for me Lola’s is by far my favourite cake shop in London! The cakes are so soft and moist with beautifully piped frosting. They’re sweet of course, but not too sweet and the frosting is perfectly flavoured – I can’t stand frosting that is overly sweet.

They have a HUGE selection of cupcakes along with a few specials and they always have a good selection of whole cakes which you can buy. Each one is immaculately decorated, and unlike many cakes which look good yet are disappointing to actually eat, these both look and taste incredible. They even have whole cakes decorated with cupcakes! If someone bought me one of those for my birthday I’d be very happy!

Despite Lola’s being famous for cupcakes, I usually end up going for a slice of their cake since they’re bigger, and seem to have a lot more cake than frosting! To be honest I’m more of a cake person and less of a frosting person – I’d much rather have more cake and a thinner layer of frosting! That said, I’ve obviously still tried plenty of their cupcakes and have yet to be disappointed – their red velvet is incredibly soft and bright red with the perfect balance between vanilla and chocolate and their banana cupcakes are perfectly flavoured with real banana rather than the artificial chemically flavour which leaves a nasty aftertaste that is common in so many fruit-flavoured products. My favourites have to be the ferrero rocher and chocolate hazelnut cupcakes though – they’re just as amazing as they sound! A soft and light chocolate sponge topped generously with rich chocolate hazelnut ganache and a ferrero rocher or crushed hazelnuts. JUST LOOK AT THEM!

The majority of their locations are stalls, many of them at stations, which is convenient but it’s also a bit of a shame as I prefer sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee. I can’t complain too much though as there are two stalls at the station I change at on my way home that have certainly brightened up my commute considerably on a number of occasions! The Lola’s at Selfridges has a sit in area so that’s usually our chosen place to go.

In the Selfridges store above the glass cabinet where all of the cupcakes are kept, there are always at least five huge cakes which are available to buy as slices. I’ve lost count of all of the amazing slices of cake that I’ve had from Lola’s, but my favourites were definitely the chocolate macadamia cake, an incredible chocolate and vanilla marble cake and their strawberry cake. Their chocolate cakes come with the most thick and creamy chocolate ganache, rich but not unbearably sweet. The strawberry cake was so beautifully flavoured and topped with fresh strawberries and pretty pink frosting.

They also have mini cupcakes which are cute and are perfect for trying multiple flavours. I have yet to try those though as because they’re so small I feel like it really is a 50:50 frosting to cake ratio so I don’t think I’d be a huge fan! In their defence, the frosting is beautiful though and I think I’m definitely in the minority in my dislike for too much frosting – I have friends who would ask for leftover frosting every time I made cakes, and they’d just eat it on their own!

Every time I go past a Lola’s they’re always busy, I regularly see people round London carrying Lola’s bags (and always give them jealous stares 🙂 ) and the queue at the stall in Selfridges is always huge which is testament to how good they are given the number of other cakes and treats on offer at Selfridges! Oh.. and did I mention they have samples!? Proper samples too, actual chunks of cake – worth being two minutes later to join the tube queue at the station (and that’s saying something as I have a permanent desire to rush everywhere when I’m in London!). One time I was so excited about the size of the samples that I failed to notice it was the peanut butter cupcake on the sample tray.. it was millimetres away from my mouth before Marcus swiped it out of my hand and saved me a trip to the hospital. Let’s just say that he was less than impressed!

Anyone that follows my Instagram account will know that I hate following recipes, and almost never do. I have so many untouched cookbooks sitting on the shelves at home, which people have so thoughtfully bought me as they know how much I love baking, but no matter how many times I start off with the best intentions to either follow or write down a recipe, I just end up improvising, adding extras or simply making it up as I go along! But if there is one recipe book that I will actually make an effort to follow, it’s Lola’s. It’s probably one of the first ones I bought and I’ve tried quite a few recipes from there, all of which have been incredible. If you only buy one recipe book, let it be Lola’s 🙂

Would I recommend it? Absolutely yes!
Worth going out of your way for? Yes – though luckily it’s at a lot of stations and popular places in central London so you might not have to 🙂
Would I go back? I’d go back every day if I could!

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