My favourite snacks

I am the world’s biggest snacker! I will find absolutely any excuse to snack – whether I’m bored, tired, happy or sad.. several of my colleagues have asked me if I ever stop eating and when I go away I pack enough snacks to feed the entire train/plane/bus! A lot of my favourite snacks to eat when I’m at home are either hard to carry in or take time to prepare which I don’t have time to do when work is busy so I’m always looking for new bars as I get through them at an alarming rate. I often get asked what my favourite snacks are and how often I eat so I thought I’d do a blog post about it!

I don’t really eat at specific times but during the week when I have quite a structured day I’ll tend to have a snack mid morning, one mid afternoon and one on the train home before dinner. I won’t go into my evening post-dinner snacks which are often never-ending 😛

I have a HUGE stash of bars and snacks, and this is just a sample of what I currently have in my giant snack box.. I also have random Wholefoods paper bags, unopened boxes of my favourite bars which I bulk buy and a cupboard full in my kitchen!


Quest bars are possibly the biggest turnaround in opinion I’ve had on a product. The old formula quest bars used to be a daily staple for me, the double chocolate chunk was divine! However since they changed it I just don’t think they compare at all. They used to be soft, chewy and flavoursome with real tasting chocolate chunks, now they’re rock solid, dry and tasteless and the chocolate chunks are so crumbly they’ll probably fall on the floor (or all over you) before you get a chance to eat them (not that that’s a bad thing anyway as they’re awful!). I heard rumours they were switching back to the old formula and even signed up to free samples of the new bar but I never got them so not sure if I was unlucky or it was just a giant marketing ploy. The new flavours suck too. Pumpkin pie was the biggest letdown – it tastes of nothing and its only faint resemblance to pumpkin is the colour.

I was reluctant to give them up since I’d been eating them for so long but having given them multiple chances I just don’t enjoy them anymore. I still have some old boxes of them though and I won’t waste them – they’re okay when heated up in the microwave and smothered in nut butter! With quest bars no longer being on my list of favourites, I made it my mission to try all the bars.. I have a peanut allergy which unfortunately rules out a lot of the best-looking bars for me but I think I’ve done a pretty good job so far, though I’m always on the look out for new ones! 🙂

My favourite bars are undoubtedly Grenade Carb Killa bars. All of the flavours are amazing! I think cookies and cream is my favourite though white chocolate cookie is a close second. Caramel chaos and fudge brownie are both incredible too – basically I love them all :P. The fillings are just as perfect as they sound, they have a great mix of textures, they look so appealing and the coating actually tastes like chocolate – I absolutely can’t fault them!

My second favourite bar is probably the Fit Elite cookie dough bar. Both the cookies and cream and cookie dough bar are amazing – they’re so soft and full of chunks! I’ve seen on their social media page that they also have a birthday cake flavoured bar!? I can’t find them anywhere here but as soon as I find out a UK stockist, I will definitely be ordering some.. the only thing better than these bars can be these bars with sprinkles! 🙂

I also love Musclepharm Combat Crunch chocolate brownie, Trek bars (chocolate coconut is my favourite!) and Lenny & larrys cookies (I think pumpkin spice is my favourite – though the serving size does irritate me – who eats half a cookie!?). I eat Kind bars regularly.. they are lower in protein than your typical protein bar as they’re all natural but they’re delicious.. and they have flavours like sea salt and caramel!

You can buy all the best snacks on Protein Pick and Mix (follow this link to use my discount code to get 10% off! I love their site since (as the name suggests!) you can pick and mix individual flavours to suit your taste and sample all the flavours which is perfect for those not wanting to commit to an entire box before trying one. They’re always quick to stock new products, they have the cutest candy shop packaging and are always happy to help out if you message them on social media or send them an email 🙂 They also have an incredible array of nut butters and regularly have promotional offers.

Although they’re perfect for samples and have an incredibly big selection, they can be slightly more expensive than other websites so if you’re like me and eat snacks in ridiculous quantities it may be worth buying from other sites – the two I use are CSN and Musclefood. Musclefood do great offers on boxes of bars (as well as creating their own awesome protein snacks – think protein maltesers, protein biscuits, flapjacks and nut butter truffles!!) and they’re a family-run business who are always happy to help with anything and provide the best customer service! They also sell a lot of other things besides snacks – meat, veggies and their famous protein pies and protein pizzas. I have a discount code – NC282853 – which will get you a free kilo of chicken with your order too! 🙂 I like to shop on different sites as each one has slightly different deals and slightly different products – CSN stock some other amazing snacks such as San Clemente cookie dough, Justin’s nut butters and plenty of flex bowl treats!

Some other random bars worth a mention:

  • B-up bars – I’ve had quite a lot of these and for some reason the ones I’ve had brought back for me from America seem to be nicer than the ones bought online here, but maybe that’s just me. I’ll be honest – although they have some great sounding flavours, the taste isn’t always on point but the texture is unbelievable – they’re soft baked bars so they taste like soft fluffy marshmallows! My favourite is probably chocolate chip cookie dough (I know, shocker). They also have bar stuffed with jam – I like the vanilla cherry pie flavour 🙂
  • Nakd bars – too small to be a snack alone but I love them! They’re raw made with all natural ingredients and have a huge range of flavours. I think my favourites are cocoa orange, Christmas pudding, gingerbread and mocha. They also have a nakd crunch range have added soya protein crispies so are higher in protein, and although they aren’t your typical protein bar the strawberry flavour is amazing! It’s only now that I’m writing this post that I realise that Nakd bars and Trek bars are produced by the same company!? I’m not sure if I’ve just been living in a hole but I had no idea!

The majority of my snacks are sweet to satisfy my huge sweet tooth but I do occasionally snack on savoury things! Id say my favourites are Worcester sauce & sundried tomato propercorn, Giving Tree broccoli crisps and the food doctor roasted nuts/beans. I also love the savoury kind bars in flavours such as hickory smoked BBQ.. Though I think these are quite an acquired taste as I once gave a small sample to a couple of my friends and they almost spat it out 🙂

I also subscribe to which is great for a variety of snacks which as packed in small boxes perfect for eating on the go! They have a huge range of snacks on their site – both sweet and savoury, and they even create their own mini cakes and brownies which come with a tea bag, perfect for a small snack after lunch! If you’re new to graze, you can get a box completely free if you use my code NICKIC1PP. I love that you never know what you’re going to get so it’s a nice surprise, but they give you the flexibility to ask for certain snacks in your next box if you want to. You can also scroll through all of their snacks and pick and choose the ones you’d like to receive more/less often, or not at all. The belgian speculoos pretzel dippers and the banoffee shortbread dippers are incredibly good – I’d definitely recommend trying that if you haven’t already!

I’m always open to trying new bars and snacks so if anyone has any recommendations please let me know 🙂

When I have the luxury of being at home the snacking opportunities are endless.. I even snack whilst cooking! My favourites would probably be avocado toast, nut butter on crackers/toast/banana/everything, any type of oats/muesli/cereal or at night my huge yogurt bowls featuring everything from protein mug cakes, granola, chocolates, biscuits and various other treats. The key thing, as with everything is balance! I try to get in plenty of nutritious meals and healthy snacks, but I always treat myself to chocolate, cake and any other ‘less nutritious snacks’ that I fancy because that’s what I enjoy and it makes me happy 🙂

Happy snacking 🙂

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