Snaps + Rye

Today is one of those days when I honestly feel so lucky. Like everyone, I can get so wrapped up in everyday worries and work stress that when a few things go wrong or my trains home get cancelled yet again I sometimes feel like the world is against me! Relaxing weekends make me realise how insignificant those things are, no matter how big they feel at the time – I’ve got the most perfect, loving, supportive boyfriend, incredibly lovely friends and I’m lucky enough to be able to spend the majority of my weekends doing things I want to do.


I’ve had another perfect weekend with my favourite person and I’m now writing this snuggled up on the sofa with a steaming hot mug of tea, a big slice of homemade cake and a packet of my current favourite biscuits (chocolate digestives in case you were wondering.. I go through phases of liking different biscuits but chocolate digestives are always a firm favourite for me!). My weekend was full of incredible food as always – I visited new places, explored different areas of London and I’ve eaten everything I could have possibly wanted to. The weather was lovely and it was perfect just wandering round – I’ll often have a few places which I plan to go to, but there are so many unique independent cafes and restaurants in and around London that we’ll sometimes just stumble across as we’re walking round. Even though I work long hours during the week, there are plenty of quieter times when I’m able to leave work at a reasonable time and meet friends or my boyfriend for dinner or coffee but often I’m tired, I find it hard to switch off from work-related thoughts or I’m worried about getting home to get a decent amount of sleep before the next early morning. For me, nothing is better than lazy weekend days, when I don’t have to keep to any sort of timetable and I can just do everything in my own time 🙂 Of all the things I had this weekend, I think my favourite has to be a ridiculously good grilled cheese sandwich and timeout’s ‘best fries’ at Acklam Village*, which happens to be next to this beautiful brunch spot which I visited a few weeks ago.

Snaps + Rye is the only Danish restaurant in London. It’s on Golborne Road, close to Portobello Road market. They make their own home cured fish, Akvavit and bake their own organic sourdough rye bread which features in their incredible take on Denmark’s famous smørrebrød (open sandwiches) and has even won ‘The Londoners Loaf’ award at the Urban Food Awards.

Everything is just perfect.. from the shop front outside to the beautiful space inside. I know I’m stereotyping but it’s just how I’d imagine shops and cafes in Scandinavian cities to be. I’ve been wanting to go to Scandinavia for ages, particularly Copenhagen and Stockholm and this just made me want to go even more! Their food, lifestyle, interior design and just their general way of life feels so modern.. it’s both classy and relaxing at the same time and their attention to detail is second to none. The food was simple but done incredibly well – their award winning rye bread was served up with with all of my favourite toppings.. smoked salmon, eggs, avocado, mackerel, brie and mushrooms and it was all so beautifully presented. Such care and precision had gone into making each one, all perfectly uniform. Of course I had to try a selection (narrowing it down to four was hard enough!) as well as the kedgeree. The kedgeree was delicious, a million miles from the salty, lumpy, sloppy versions served up at school dinners. Did anyone else get kedgeree at school!? My friend had never even heard of it so maybe it was just my school that served up that monstrosity.. but this was more than good enough to rid my terrible memories from when I was younger 🙂

It was creamy, flavourful and beautifully presented, filled with smoked fish and topped with a perfectly boiled egg. The spinach and tomatoes complimented the fish perfectly and the whole dish was warming and delicious. They had a selection of cakes too – there were samples of the marzipan cake and it was incredible. It was so soft and light that it didn’t even need frosting – it was perfect on its own. They also had a flourless orange cake and a Danish custard pudding which looked amazing. It looked like a mish mash of Danish pastries bound together with custard. I was tempted to try it but nothing appealed to my friend so we decided to venture out and find something we both liked the look of 🙂 Often when I go for brunch I find that I prefer going for a wander to find somewhere else to go for cake and coffee but it does mean that I sometimes miss out on trying some good looking cakes and desserts! I’m definitely hoping to go back at some point to try them though, and perhaps buy a loaf of their rye bread to eat at home.

Even their plates and bowls are amazing. I’m such a sucker for nice plates and bowls (I know.. so wild) – I think I drive Marcus crazy with all of my random bowls and plates which I’ve picked up from random shops over the years, but I’m a firm believer of eating with my eyes as well as my mouth, and food just seems to taste so much better when it looks appealing! Their dishes are all presented on slabs as if they’re a work of art – the obvious precision and care which they’ve put into making the food itself also shows in their presentation. The waiters and waitresses are also incredibly friendly – despite the place filling up fast, we weren’t rushed at all and our waitress even stopped several times to chat to us. They also sell a variety of products to buy including plates, cookbooks and condiments. I spotted a book about London’s best brunch spots and I was tempted to buy it but I had a quick flick through and found that I’d actually been to over half of them (I guess that’s not actually so surprising 😛 )!

They serve breakfast and brunch all day (finally – somewhere that doesn’t stop breakfast at a stupidly early time on a weekend.. I’d eat breakfast for every meal if I could!) but they also have a lunch and dinner menu featuring meatballs, traditional Danish dishes and eel for the more adventurous! Despite being in an area of London with some of the nicest places to eat, they are extremely popular and they don’t have a particularly big place and so I’d definitely recommend booking. We went quite early on when it was slightly quieter but it filled up fast!

Would I recommend it? Yes
Worth going out of your way for? Yes, and it’s in a beautiful part of London!
Would I go back? Yes

Link to their website:

*P.S. Here’s a picture of my grilled cheese and cheesy fries from Acklam Village – it was too good not to include 😛


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