Sticks n Sushi

This is possibly the first time that I’m not starting a blog post with the words ‘I love…’ as I have to say that I really don’t love Asian food! I’m not sure what it is about it but I’m generally not a fan of it and I certainly wouldn’t choose it over other cuisines. It doesn’t help that Marcus probably dislikes it even more than me, so there will never really be a time when we’ll decide to go for Asian food. In my uneducated palette, Asian food encompasses Chinese, Thai, Japanese and Korean and whilst there are so many different styles and types of food, I often see so many of their dishes as fried rice or fried noodles in a sticky sauce. That said, I’m trying to get better, particularly as I know there are some really good Asian restaurants in London. I feel like Japanese food would be a  good place to start and if I’m in the mood for it, I really like sushi. Continue reading Sticks n Sushi

Lola’s cupcakes

CAKE! Who doesn’t love cake!? Is there anything better than a huge slice of cake with a steaming mug of tea or a milky coffee? It’s been our weekend afternoon tradition (and weekdays too if we’re ever lucky enough to be together mid week!) for as long as I can remember to find a cute cafe, bakery or cake shop and sit inside watching the world go by with a cake.. or three 😉 When I was younger it would be all about the chocolate cake – I wouldn’t even look at the other flavours, I’d just select the biggest slab of fudgy chocolate cake! I still love chocolate cake now but as I’ve grown up (or gotten older – as everyone likes to joke that I haven’t actually grown at all!) I’ve started to love and appreciate all of the other flavours.  Continue reading Lola’s cupcakes

Bakehouse St Albans

Writing this post makes me a bit sad if I’m honest, as I think about how much this place has changed (for the worse) since we moved to St Albans three and a half years ago. Looking back at all of the pictures I have of the ‘old’ Bakehouse reminds me of just how good it was.. and how bad it is now in comparison.

We first discovered Bakehouse at a food market soon after moving to St Albans. They had a stall brimming with cakes, flyers, samples and some treats available to buy. Despite only being a small city, St Albans is a huge foodie place with regular food markets, food festivals, a lot of independent restaurants/cafes and a ridiculous number of pubs!

Continue reading Bakehouse St Albans