Cutter & Squidge

I really dislike inconsiderate people. I’m not claiming to be a saint, far far from it, but I’d say that I really do consider other people’s feelings and I try to do nice things for others when I can. Living in a flat has its advantages and I love our little flat but noisy and inconsiderate neighbours can be a bit rubbish sometimes 😦 I completely understand that some noise is unavoidable and I’m more than prepared to put up with a reasonable amount but honestly the people living in the flat upstairs sound like they hold a 24 hour exercise class where they invite half of London and are permanently doing a combination of squat jumps and fast feet. It’s like a constant thumping/running sound, combined with the fact that they seem to do their washing about five times a day (so our whole flat vibrates 😀 ). I absolutely hate confrontation and will try to avoid it at all costs, but it got so bad recently that I went upstairs planning to politely ask if they would mind being a little quieter, particularly at night or early on a weekend morning. No one answered the door though and both Marcus and I have been up several times now and no one has ever answered.. yet we can hear them thumping away upstairs! HOW mysterious.. or maybe they can’t hear us knocking since they’re too busy stomping 🙂 Anyway.. onto more important things.. like cake 🙂

This place is beautiful 🙂 It has the cutest logo, a gorgeous layout and a ‘secret garden’ area which is just as charming as it sounds. It had been on my list for a while but we just happened to stumble across it when walking to the tube station after dinner at Franco Manca. When we go into london we’ll always plan to go for coffee and cake at least once but we’ll often pick somewhere in advance (or just go to Lola’s :P). But one evening after having dinner we were wandering to Wholefoods to buy ice cream and other treats to take home and I spotted some huge cakes in the window which were decorated beautifully! I just went inside ‘for a look’ which was never realistically going to end without a taste, regardless of how many cakes I’d already had that day! 🙂 It was only once I was inside that I realised it was one of the places on my list.. I spotted their famous ‘biskies’ closest to the door which I remembered reading about them in Time Out magazine a few months back.

For anyone who hasn’t heard of a ‘biskie’ they claim it combines the best bits of a cookie, a cake and a biscuit. It has two cookies as the outer biscuits and is layered with handmade jams and creams. At around £3 each, they didn’t really appeal to me to be honest – they seemed like more expensive (but less impressive) versions of macaroons, with the cream filling being about 4 times thicker than the actual biscuits. For someone who likes frosting it might be something good to try as it’s certainly different (and very pretty!) but as someone who isn’t too keen on frosting I decided to stick to the cakes! They had some ridiculously impressive aptly-named ‘dream cakes’ – some of the ones in the window were decorated immaculately! They also had a huge selection of eat-in cakes, and we had a lot to choose from despite going so late (it was around 8.40 at night!).

They had some incredible five layer cakes, but I opted for a three layer one as although a good frosting is important to me, I much prefer the actual cake part and don’t like cakes which are half cake half frosting! Unfortunately I seem to be in the minority as most cupcakes sold in London seem to be heavy on the frosting but I guess that’s what makes them look pretty! 🙂

I ended up choosing the ‘eton mess’ – there were less to choose from if I wanted a three layer cake and although eton mess is probably one of the few desserts (along with tiramisu and trifle) which I don’t like (I know.. I’m embarrassed!), the only eton mess part seemed to be a meringue on top, the rest of the cake was vanilla flavoured with white frosting on top, sandwiched with pink buttercream and a delicious strawberry jam! The cake itself was soft and fluffy, and credit to them for having such a fresh cake considering I’d come so late on in the day. The jam was fruity and went perfectly, but there was something about the frosting that I just didn’t like. The flavour was fine, it was the texture! It was smooth but almost too smooth..  I can’t really describe it other than saying it was slightly jelly like.. it almost needed chewing! The same applied to the pink parts of the frosting.. they had an unusual texture and I could even peel parts of it off from the white frosting!


I went back a different time and tried a five layer chocolate cake.. this was slightly better but the texture was still slightly strange to me and it was hard to avoid the frosting and focus on the cake when it was pretty much a 50/50 ratio. Don’t let this put you off going though – I’m sure that everyone has their personal preferences particularly when it comes to frosting and the cake itself was perfectly flavoured and perfectly moist.

Everything about the decor of this place is appealing, from their brightly coloured furniture and teapots to the incredibly display of cakes which makes it almost impossible to choose one. As well as cakes they had ice cream, hot drinks and some random other bakes like brownies, honeycomb and truffles. The staff were so friendly and it’s a lovely place to sit. Plus it’s right in the centre of london so it’s easy to drop by without having to plan specially to go there. They’re also open until 10pm on Friday and 9pm on Saturday.. I imagine it gets really busy  and would be popular with families during the day but at night when we went it was perfectly peaceful 🙂 You can also order some of their amazing cakes online, and I’ve put a couple of photos from their website below to show just how incredible they are!

All in all, it’s a lovely cafe in the heart of London, there are some beautiful cakes and even if they’re not my personal favourite, I definitely think they’re worth a try!

Would I recommend it? Yes
Worth going out of your way for? Yes
Would I go back? Probably not

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