Beigel Bake

Do you like bagels? What a stupid question, everyone likes bagels. Be prepared to meet THE bagel. The only bagel you need in your life. Seriously, I can guarantee it will be the best bagel you eat in London. Or the UK. (I would say the world but given the States is the bagel capital of the world that’d be a pretty bold assumption..). It’s soft, chewy, has that perfect bagel-y glaze on top, and it’s stuffed to the brim with tender chunks of juicy salt beef (or anything else you’d like .. but at least try the salt beef too!).


The salt beef is soft, juicy and stacked high with gherkins and mustard – call me weird but I am obsessed with gherkins.. but there’s no doubt that the bagel itself is the best part. We can’t be around Brick Lane and not stop here.. it’s just so good!


From the outside, it looks like a run-down, dilapidated takeaway that may or may not still be in business. It’s safe to say that this place is not pretty, but it doesn’t need to be. Good food at incredibly cheap prices and everybody knows it.


We’ve been a few times now, and there’s always a huge crowd of people, queuing inside, outside, down the street.. yes it’s pretty disorganised inside but everyone knows it’s worth the wait. I feel bad for the owner of the other bagel store just a few shops down that is nearly always empty.. he probably has to spend a large proportion of his day watching people queue outside his store.. for the other bagel store.

The queue moves very quickly though – they seriously bash these bagels out! There are guys at the back of the store with a conveyor belt full of bagels and so many people working their socks off to slice, stuff and serve the bagels.

If there is a slight lull in business, they continue to make them, the meat carved fresh on a hot slab and the salt beef bagels piling up in the window, and it doesn’t take long for a big crowd of people to arrive to gobble them up 🙂


It’s not just the salt beef bagel though, they do many other delicious fillings – peanut butter, smoked salmon, cream cheese, NUTELLA – the choice is yours, and it’s the bagel that makes it! They also do a number of other standard bakery items too – loaves, pastries, cakes, etc – but to be honest I’ve never seen anyone buy anything but bagels.. and you’d be crazy to go and leave without one.


It’s also open 24 hours a day – yes, they bake these beauties round the clock, so if you’re around there late at night ditch the crap takeaways in favour of this warm doughy ring of happiness! On top of that they are an absolute steal – a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel is only 1.60 and if you buy the bagels plain they’re cheaper than supermarket brands (and a whole lot better!).


While you’re in the area there are so many other lovely places to eat at – there’s a cafe called Kahlulia that has some amazing cakes, another called Franzé and Evans which also has amazing cakes, Fika, Nude coffee and Sloane Brothers Frozen Yogurt, so you are not short of options! There’s also a chocolate shop called Dark Sugars which is incredible – look at it!

Would I recommend it? Yes
Worth going out of your way for? Yes – what are you waiting for!?
Would I go back? Definitely

They don’t have a website (are you really surprised – look at their store!) but trust me when I say it’s worth a visit!

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