Bol salad jars

One night last week I came home to the best delivery! Bol foods have recently expanded into these new #ShakeItToMakeIt salads and they were kind enough to send me some samples to try. They came beautifully packaged in a little brown box! I’ve had their hot pots before which I think are amazing so I couldn’t wait to try them.. I didn’t know where to start as they all looked so good! I’ve been exceptionally bad with food prep recently – I’m so busy that the last thing I want to think about when I’m at home is cooking so they were perfect to stop me from eating out for every single meal šŸ˜‰ I think they are currently only stockedĀ online at Ocado. I’m not sure if supermarkets stock them yet as I think I’ve only seen their hot pots but I assume they will launch them in supermarkets at some point!


There are four flavours available:

  • The Japanese – tenderstem broccoli, raw slaw, black rice, black beans, soy, white miso & Ginger dressing
  • The Persian – spiced cauliflower, beluga lentils, spinach, pomegranate & sumac dressing
  • The Mediterranean – roasted butternut squash, feta, chickpeas, lemon & sundried tomato dressing
  • The Californian – chargrilled broccoli, kale, tomatoes, red & white quinoa, soy & white miso dressing
Each one comes beautifully presented in a see through tub, with the dressing in a separate pot so you can put it on your salad fresh when you want to eat it. There’s even a fork inside šŸ™‚

I ended up trying the Mediterranean one first as it was perfect for me – I’m obsessed with feta and it just looked so colourful! It was absolutely delicious – the dressing was tangy and tomatoey, there were good sized chunks of feta and butternut squash, spinach, pumpkin seeds, courgette and chickpeas. Everything went perfectly together and I loved the crunch of the pumpkin seeds! I love the design and the #ShakeItToMakeIt marketing.. Admittedly I often prefer eating from a wider container so I don’t have to dig to the bottom to get to all the different bits of my food but shaking it up meant the dressing covered all of it equally and I didn’t have to eat it in layers! I also loved that everything was in bite sized chunks so it was easy to eat with a fork.


The Persian was also incredible.Ā The spiced cauliflower wasĀ delicious and the dressing was a beautiful bright pink! I love how many different ingredients they cram into a small pot. The pomegranate added a lovely sweetness – although I love the taste of it I never usually bother to buy it so it made a nice change!

I loved the colours in the Japanese pot and the black rice was cooked to perfection. I found the cabbage in the raw slaw really bitter (to be honest that’s probably just what it tastes like but I rarely eat raw veg and I wasn’t a fan!) but everything else was lovely.

I thought the Mediterranean looked the least appealing so I left it til last. I’m not a fan of raw cherry tomatoes and the broccoli was slightly undercooked but surprisingly I did really enjoy it. As with all of the other pots, it contained ingredients which I like but never bother to cook myself – I like both quinoa and lentils but I’m too lazy to cook them so I only ever eat them if they come as part of a ready meal šŸ™‚

Although they were allĀ delicious I’d definitely recommend adding something else to bulk it out if you’re planning on having it for a meal as opposed to a snack as they are very small and not particularly filling – I had mine with M&SĀ chicken packs, prawns or salmon and a couple of eggs šŸ™‚
I’ve had several comments asking for the macros which to be honest I find very depressing – I won’t rant on about it because my most recent post covers all that (click hereĀ if you’re interested!)Ā but I do think it’s pretty unnecessary particularly when eating whole/proper/real foods. In terms of overall health, it’s much better to eatĀ something like this than something low carb/high protein/high fat/low fat (or whatever it is people want these days) that’s full of crap!


Overall I’d definitely recommend these pots – they’re delicious, appealing and convenient. They’re also a good size for making overnight oats or for food storage! The only thing that would stop me buying them again is the size/price – they’re currently retailing at Ā£3.99 each on Ocado, and for me they were too small for a meal –Ā for that price I wouldn’t expect to then have to add something extra to bulk it out as adding an extra couple of pounds almost takes you to low-restaurant price territory.

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