Tetley tea

I love tea. I love coffee. I love hot chocolate. I think I just love hot drinks and I live on them at work where the AC is cranked up so high that I sit there shivering permanently! I know a lot of people who are either tea or coffee drinkers but truthfully I love and drink both equally. I’d say I’ve turned into a bit of a coffee snob since moving to London – I avoid chains and I’m always searching for cute independent coffee shops to find the perfect flat white! I’m not quite so much of a tea snob and I can’t say that I think the upmarket tea companies popping up nowadays are always worth the premium you pay but it’s still safe to say that my tea drinking habits have changed too. When I first started drinking tea back at university I would just buy the cheapest tea bags around.. I remember buying Asda own brand tea and not seeing what people disliked about it. How times have changed 😛 I don’t claim to be able to taste the difference between different brands of tea but I am a lot more fussy about tea nowadays – though I have to say that Southern water just ruins tea.. I’d possibly take Asda tea with Northern water over Yorkshire Gold with Southern water! Anyway enough rambling about my hot drink preferences and onto these tea bags and Tetley were kind enough to send me!


Let’s be honest, Tetley need no introduction – they’re an absolute household name when it comes to tea bags. They’ve been manufacturing tea for 175 years and are the world’s second largest manufacturer and distributor of tea. They’re best known for their classic English Breakfast tea but they have a  huge range of black teas, green teas, fruit teas, infusions, herbals teas and specialty teas such as Earl Grey and vanilla. They’ve recently launched a new range of Super Everyday Tea which comes in three types:

  • Super Tea Boost – with Vitamin B6 (each cup contains 40% of your RDA of Vitamin B6)
  • Super Tea Alert – with added caffeine (each cup contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee)
  • Super Tea Immune – with Vitamin C (each cup contains 17.6% of your RDA of Vitamin C)


I’ll start with the packaging which I think is pretty appealing. They’ve kept the traditional Tetley branding but given it a bit more of a modern twist. The teabag itself was just an ordinary tea bag – I’ll admit that I’ve bought quite a few fancier teas which have a different style which I do really like – pyramid style bags, or tea bags made with netting, but I wouldn’t expect that from Tetley as they’re an everyday brand at a fraction of the price of those more upmarket brands. I’ll be interested to see the price that these retail at when they launch in supermarkets at the end of this month.

Taste wise, I like them. To me they did taste slightly more bitter than the usual tea I drink, but that could be how Tetley tea typically tastes. At the end of the day it’s obviously never going to taste wildly different to a normal cup of tea, but if you can drink a cup of tea with added benefits, why not!? I think the most innovative idea is the Super Tea Alert tea. Personally I love coffee so it’s not so much of an issue for me, but I have friends who hate coffee and are always looking for ways to wake themselves up at work! One of my best friends lives off sugary sweets and Coke to get her through work meetings so I think a highly caffeinated cup of tea would be the perfect solution. Although I drink a lot of coffee sometimes too much does sometimes actually make me feel sick (not to mention it’s expensive) so I can definitely see myself drinking it as a good alternative at work.

The other two are a great way to get in a boost of extra vitamins for those who struggle to get enough in their diet. I know of lot of people who live on convenience meals which I imagine are lacking in nutritional value who I’m sure could benefit from these. I’ve never really been particularly aware of how many vitamins I get in the food I eat and I don’t take any vitamin supplements, but I’d like to think that I get enough in through eating a balanced diet. Although I have plenty of treats, I do try to get in nutritious meals with fresh fruit and veg, though I’ll be honest – when work is busy I have a lot of late nights, I don’t have time to food prep. I often end up eating out a lot and not eating the most balanced meals, so the extra vitamins in my daily cups of tea can surely do more good than harm 🙂


Does anyone else set themselves the ridiculous challenge of taking the tea bag out, then trying to balance the teabag on the teaspoon and rush across to the bin without letting any tea drip on the floor!? I do it every time without fail.. and almost never succeed. I could just take the cup of tea nicely over to the bin, take the tea bag out when I get there and happily put the tea bag in the bin, drip-free, but no. I have to make myself transport it across the room then crawl round with a  wet cloth mopping up the drops of hot tea. 😀

Anyway.. to sum up – overall I liked the taste of the teas which is obviously the most important factor! To be honest I’m unsure as to whether I’d buy them – I think they’re a great idea but it would depend on the price as there’s definitely a limit on the premium I’d be willing to pay. I would definitely recommend them to friends though – particularly the high caffeine tea which I think is a great idea for non-coffee drinkers.

Link to their website: https://www.tetley.co.uk/home

All views are my own and this post is not sponsored in any way. I am always happy to test and review new products, I will endorse products which I believe in and I will provide honest and unbiased reviews. Please contact me at nickicl@hotmail.co.uk if you’re interested in working with me!

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