Daylesford Farm

This place is incredible! It’s exactly how I’d love my own cafe to be if I was ever lucky enough to have my own place one day (yes, that’s the dream..). There are a few branches around London (Notting Hill, Pimlico and Marylebone) but we have been to the Marylebone branch every time so far as it’s so convenient for us to get to and we love that part of London 🙂 It’s beautiful inside and out, and has the most perfect mix of fresh, healthy and organic food as well as plenty of treats. They use fresh produce from their farm in Gloucestershire and everything that they sell is homemade and presented in the most immaculate way.



It’s spacious, bright and modern inside, with an open kitchen featuring a stone oven and a bar area. There’s a lovely shop selling fresh and homemade produce with plenty of delicious samples. They sell homemade cakes and salads as well as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, freshly pressed juices, cereals and granola. Their freshly baked bread is amazing – the fruit loaf in particular is so tasty and crammed full of nuts and seeds.



The first time we went, I was torn between so many things on their menu but their ‘specials’ quiche was broccoli, kale, leek and double gloucester, and after I saw it sitting on the side I couldn’t resist. It also came with a couple of their homemade salads. I’d spotted them in their deli area and each one looked so good – I feel like a relative newbie to the world of salads as I’ve never been a fan of the ‘traditional salad’ consisting of limp lettuce leaves and soggy tomatoes, but I absolutely love interesting and colourful salads filled with a huge variety of ingredients. We also shared a sweet potato and chilli oil soup with freshly baked bread 🙂 The quiche was so good – warm, buttery pastry filled with a creamy, cheesy filling and the salads went perfectly. The kale salad in particular was incredible – packed with roasted chickpeas, toasted cashews and coconut!



Marcus went for the corned beef hash, and I have to admit it sounded awful.. I can’t think of corned beef without thinking of that terrible tinned stuff that looks and tastes vile but this couldn’t have been further from what they served us. It was their own take on corned beef and it was the softest, most tender beef brisket with a perfectly fried egg on top – amazing 🙂


As always, we’d planned to go somewhere else for coffee and cake, but we both got lattes anyway and I wanted to try the date and cacao cookie with cashew vanilla ice cream.. so I did 🙂 Marcus isn’t a fan of dates but I love them and this cookie was delicious – obviously it wasn’t a conventional cookie but it was soft, sweet and chewy topped with a lovely berry compote and creamy ice cream.



The staff are so friendly and attentive, I just glanced round while waiting for our food and a waiter came over to apologise profusely for ‘the wait’ – it hadn’t even been long! When I was eating dessert, I commented quietly to Marcus that the ice cream was a little hard, and a waitress at the bar happened to hear me and said that she totally agreed and would feedback my comments to the chef. I said that it really wasn’t a big deal and it was still delicious, but the way that all of the staff behave is as if they genuinely care about their customers having the perfect experience and they genuinely want to provide the best service which sadly I think is very rare around London.



After having such an amazing brunch I wanted to go back for breakfast. Unfortunately their weekend breakfast menu isn’t as extensive as their weekday one. I didn’t realise that they differed and there are a few things that I spotted on the menu that I was disappointed not to be able to try at the weekend but what I ordered was amazing nonetheless!


I went for the blended protein porridge (cacao, coconut, walnut & black quinoa, with cashew nut cream, dates, pistachios & seasonal fruit) and Marcus had the goji berry & flax seed Bircher with natural yoghurt and stewed fruits. Despite commenting that five pounds for a loaf of their fruit and walnut bread was expensive, we couldn’t resist ordering it two slices of it (for almost the same price!) to go with our breakfast.. it’s just so good!


I really want to go back on a weekday to try their breakfast and lunch menus, which are slightly more extensive than their weekend brunch menu and I want to go to their actual farm shop in Gloucestershire too (it’s on my list along with cafes/restaurants in about 50 other cities in the UK and Europe!).


Even the toilets are pretty…


They regularly change their menu based on seasonal produce and they have a specials board so it’s perfect if you’re like me and you want to go back to the same place but want to try something new! 🙂


Would I recommend it? Definitely!
Worth going out of your way for? Yep
Would I go back? Yes.. and I have been back many times!

Link to their website:

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