Crab and Lobster

We recently went to the Crab Manor hotel in North Yorkshire. Marcus’ parents gave us vouchers as part of our engagement present and about a year and a half later we finally found a free night to go! Although we’re always busy, this hotel is so popular that you probably have to book about a year in advance to get the room you want, possibly longer if you want a weekend night! It’s a boutique hotel with 17 unique rooms, each in the style of famous hotels or landmarks in various countries around the world.

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Friends of Ours

This place, like many others, had been on my list for quite a while but when I saw it popping up everywhere on Instagram I knew I had to go – all of the photos looked amazing! It’s in Shoreditch, about 5 minutes’ walk from the big roundabout where Shoreditch Grind is located. We found ourselves walking away from the main road, and away from the direction we’re used to walking in and were wondering where it could possibly pop up from. We’d remembered having the same ‘are we lost!?’ thoughts when we were going to try Sodo pizza at the George & Vulture pub and it turned out that it wasn’t just close, it was literally next door! I’m not sure why we didn’t spot it when we visited the George & Vulture before, as I’m always on the look-out for new places to try.. perhaps because it was shut or perhaps it wasn’t open then as I think it’s quite a new café. Continue reading Friends of Ours

Ripped Kit

I was lucky enough to be sent an amazing box by RippedKit to sample. I think they’re quite a new company and they say that their ‘mission is to bring convenient protein to busy gym-goers.’ Having looked through some pictures on Instagram after they contacted me I was so excited – every box looked amazing – packed full of protein-filled snacks and treats. They send a box of high-protein supplements direct to your door each month, packed with a selection of 10+ quality supplements including bars, powders, crisps and other snacks, each with around 20-30g of protein. They change their box each month, and the contents range from classic supplements from established brands to new products.  Continue reading Ripped Kit

Tamper Coffee

It’s weird going home. Does anyone else feel disorientated when they wake up in a different place!? It feels so strange waking up at home knowing that it’s familiar yet it’s not my home anymore (and hasn’t been for over 7 years!). I wake up wondering where I am, then I remember and it’s such a nice, comforting feeling to just roll over and go back to sleep in my old bed! I never really had the chance to properly explore Sheffield as I left when I was 17 to go to university (and I just lived at the huge shopping centre and ate at McDonalds before that!) and I haven’t been back much since. Continue reading Tamper Coffee


I guess I’m well overdue a burger post! Having eaten at pretty much all of the burger places which were on my list it felt like quite a long time since I’d been for a burger in London, particularly as the few outstanding places are either at a street food market or miiiiiles away (e.g. Dip & Flip in Wimbledon..). My family planned a trip down to London to visit me though and my dad absolutely loves burgers (and pizza.. clearly where I get it from!) so I tried to find a good burger place which actually took bookings so we didn’t have to queue for hours (or not get in at all as was the case with the Choccy Woccy Doo Dah cafe 😦 ) In fairness he would honestly have probably been happy at McDonalds but I think the entire family was in agreement that MEATmission do seriously good burgers! Continue reading MEATmission

Chai Ki

This place was actually recommended to me by one of my close friends at work.. and what an amazing recommendation it was! Someone who I work closely with was over from India working in the London office for a while and when her time here was coming to an end I wanted to organise a lunch for her to try our take on Indian food. I’m not that familiar with restaurants around South East London as I don’t tend to go there outside of working hours (I spend far too much time in the bubble that is Canary Wharf!) but this has become a staple for me, along with Sticks n Sushi which is right next door 🙂 I really want to take Marcus here as I’m sure he’d love it but I’ve (thankfully) yet to have to go to the Wharf on a weekend! Continue reading Chai Ki