I guess I’m well overdue a burger post! Having eaten at pretty much all of the burger places which were on my list it felt like quite a long time since I’d been for a burger in London, particularly as the few outstanding places are either at a street food market or miiiiiles away (e.g. Dip & Flip in Wimbledon..). My family planned a trip down to London to visit me though and my dad absolutely loves burgers (and pizza.. clearly where I get it from!) so I tried to find a good burger place which actually took bookings so we didn’t have to queue for hours (or not get in at all as was the case with the Choccy Woccy Doo Dah cafe 😦 ) In fairness he would honestly have probably been happy at McDonalds but I think the entire family was in agreement that MEATmission do seriously good burgers!



There are a few similar locations around London but MEATmission is the only one which you can actually book. I’d been to MEATliquor before and remember turning up after one of my friends who had already joined the queue and we all had to go to the back.. oops. I also remember it being ridiculously dark (with the only ‘light’ coming from some deep red infra-red style lighting) and very loud despite it being the middle of the afternoon – not the kind of place to go and catch up with family, or anyone for that matter. I was worried that MEATmission would be similar but it was actually a lot quieter and a much nicer place to sit and chat. It’s around lots of other good food places, in the heart of Shoreditch, between Old Street, Shoreditch High Street and Hoxton. When we first arrived it looked a little dark inside, but once your eyes adjust it’s actually more than bright enough. There’s a bar area in the middle and long tables which you can sit at, but since we were a larger party we were lucky enough to have our own booth. I’d definitely recommend booking a booth if you can – it was more private and definitely made for a more pleasant dining experience 🙂 Despite the vibe/style of restaurant, the service was very good and the staff were friendly and attentive.


The menu is simple – a few different burgers, a few chicken options such as burgers and wings and some sides. There’s also a hot dog and a token veggie option, though I can’t imagine anyone has ever ordered it..


I went for the cheeseburger which came with cheese, red onions, pickles, lettuce, mustard and ketchup. Marcus and my sister had the bacon cheeseburger and my dad had the dead hippie which was a double burger. His patties were thinner though.. so it wasn’t exactly a double burger, though at only 75 pence more than the standard burger it was a fair deal. My mum (who seems to have a habit of ordering badly..) opted for the green chilli cheeseburger and it literally blew her socks off. She had to painstakingly pick all of the chillis out.. and in typical mummy Chan-Lam style, she claimed she didn’t want sides then proceeded to eat half of my sister’s fries and a rather large chunk of our deep fried mac & cheese!



The burgers were cooked beautifully – tender, juicy and slightly pink in the middle. The brioche bun was soft and there was a generous helping of shredded lettuce and pickles which I love (and Marcus hates, so I got extra pickles.. yay!). I love bacon but for me a good burger doesn’t need it – I personally prefer cheese burgers to bacon cheeseburgers as I feel like the bacon can take away from the taste of the burger, but there were certainly no complaints from Marcus or my sister! As always, Marcus and I demolished a ridiculous amount of ketchup though there was plenty of sauce in the burger and the rest of my family didn’t feel the need to add any.

Never happier than when holding a beer and a burger.. 😉

For sides my sister, Marcus and I all went for the hippie fries and shared the deep fried mac ’n’ cheese. My dad went for normal fries and onion rings. I was a huge fan of the hippie fries, though they were a little too crispy/crunchy (and Marcus wasn’t particularly impressed with them because of this). The description just says ‘grilled onions and hippie sauce’ so we weren’t too sure what to expect but the onions are soft and caramelised and they pile on both the onions and the sauce. The sauce is a strange mix which I couldn’t figure out but it was incredible. That said, there was almost too much topping for the number of fries (not that the portion of fries was stingy by any stretch of the imagination!). Although it didn’t bother me as much as it did Marcus, the fries could have been a little softer in the middle.. and personally I would have perhaps preferred more rustic fries – skin on perhaps, or a little less uniform – thinking back, they weren’t hugely dissimilar to McDonalds fries! My dad ordered the plain fries and I think I would have been a little disappointed with those – the onions and sauce were what made it a good side! They also do chilli cheese fries which I wish I’d ordered to try – the chilli may have softened the fries too, though at seven pounds you’re looking at almost the price of another burger (which I’d have rather had!).


There’s no doubt that MEATmission do good burgers – they’re juicy, flavourful and cooked perfectly with a slight pink tinge. Personally if I were to only eat one burger in London, it wouldn’t be my first choice and I probably wouldn’t come back, but it is up there with the best. Other famous places such as Lucky Chip or Patty & Bun do a better burgers in my opinion and Stokey Bears do better sides but it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re around or if you’re on a quest to try all of the top ranked burger joints in London!


Would I recommend it? Yes
Worth going out of your way for? Depends how much you like burgers..
Would I go back? Probably not

Link to their website:

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