Tamper Coffee

It’s weird going home. Does anyone else feel disorientated when they wake up in a different place!? It feels so strange waking up at home knowing that it’s familiar yet it’s not my home anymore (and hasn’t been for over 7 years!). I wake up wondering where I am, then I remember and it’s such a nice, comforting feeling to just roll over and go back to sleep in my old bed! I never really had the chance to properly explore Sheffield as I left when I was 17 to go to university (and I just lived at the huge shopping centre and ate at McDonalds before that!) and I haven’t been back much since. I feel like my real love of food and discovering exciting new places to eat only really started when I moved down South but I also feel like Sheffield has taken a huge step up since I left, with lots of independent places opening up both in the centre and close by – I’ve been to a few new places on Ecclesall Road which I’d definitely go back to (Craft and Dough and Graze Inn – in case I don’t get round to blogging about them soon.. or ever!)


After living here for so long I obviously have a big connection to this place but I feel like so many cities feel boring compared to London where there are independent cafes and unique coffee shops on every corner. I love getting away from it all for a relaxing weekend or even a week, particularly as whenever I come up I use the excuse of not having a gym membership to fully take time away from my usual routine, but I can see why Londoners find it hard to ever leave.. to me it feels like London is the only real place where independent cafes and coffee shops thrive more than well known chains. Obviously when I come home I’m desperate to explore all of the new food places that have popped up since I left. I feel like Aussie/Kiwi cafes are nearly always a winner for me – they always have a huge focus on quality food, good coffee and amazing cake!

I’ve been to this place three times now, and I love it! They have a beautiful city centre location with an extensive menu and a selection of freshly baked cakes. Surprisingly I absolutely love their coffee too. While it’s no surprise that an Aussie/Kiwi cafe takes great pride in it’s coffee, I usually find that those types of cafes in London tend to opt for a more fruity or acidic type of coffee, but this coffee was perfect.. a subtle flavour with no strange sweet aftertaste! I’ve tried their latte, mocha and of course my favourite coffee wherever I go – soy flat white, and all of them have been amazing. I only ever drink soy milk in coffee – I don’t know why I love it so much but it gives an almost sweet/nutty taste which is perfect.. though it doesn’t froth as well so I don’t get pretty coffee art 😦 Unlike this mocha..


They have a lunch menu, and I’ve been for both breakfast and lunch but me being me I went for breakfast items both times. I’m definitely going to go back and try their lunch stuff though as it looks just as awesome 🙂

The first time I went I got The Ozzy – 2 eggs, homemade hash brown, portobello mushrooms, grilled tomatoes, seasonal roasted veg, a spinach fritter and home baked beans on toasted ciabatta. I shared it with my boyfriend who got The Kiwi – the non-veggie version of the breakfast I had, with a pork patty and crispy bacon instead of the spinach fritter and roasted veg. It was perfect – a bit of everything and I love places that make their own baked beans 🙂 I also got it this when I went most recently to catch up with old school friends (it had been so long since I went that I’d completely forgotten that I’d had it before until I went back and found old pictures). It was just as good as I remembered, and the spinach fritter was amazing!


I’ve also tried the sautéed mixed mushrooms and wild rocket w/ cottage cheese and toasted sourdough which was delicious too. I’m a sucker for fried mushrooms, particularly wild ones and these were delicious with the creamy cottage cheese. My friend was sweet enough to cut me off a rather generous chunk of hers after I took a small bite to ‘try’ it and I loved it so much 🙂


When I went for lunch I had the sweetcorn fritters – topped with smashed avocado, poached egg, sour cream and chilli sauce. I’m not usually a huge fan of sweet sauces, particularly sweet chilli, but it went really well.. and it’s hard to go wrong with eggs and avocado! 😉


They also have some amazing sounding apple doughnut french toast and ricotta and buckwheat pancakes which I’ll hopefully go back to try next time I come back home.. I need to take Marcus as I’m forever the only greedy one wanting a two or three course brunch when I go with friends or family so my love for classic savoury breakfast things takes over and I don’t get to try the sweet stuff!


They have plenty of incredible cakes to choose from at the front of the store – brownies in all different flavours, cakes, slices and lamingtons!


I’ve had their baci cake which was coconut and chocolate.. I might be slightly biased as to me there is no better combination than coconut and chocolate but it was delicious – a perfectly moist chocolate cupcake with a thick layer of smooth chocolate ganache, coated in desiccated coconut.. the dream!


After my most recent visit I wandered into the centre with one of my friends where there was a food festival.. I love food markets – wandering round the stalls and trying all the samples and there was a stall selling macarons in the most exciting flavours – smores, matcha & white chocolate, hazelnut, chocolate & cardamom and rose to name just a few.


I wanted to buy the whole stall.. but typically they were extortionate as macarons always are – my friend was cute enough to insist on buying me some and they were just as delicious as they looked (but they were four pounds!).

I can’t recommend this place enough.. it’s an absolute gem in the heart of Sheffield city centre, so if you’re ever around, it’s definitely worth a visit 🙂


It’s been seven years since I saw these three beauties.. it makes me feel so old but we’re so close and share so many memories that as soon as we saw each other it took me right back to school days as if they were yesterday!


Link to their website: https://tampercoffee.co.uk

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