Ripped Kit

I was lucky enough to be sent an amazing box by RippedKit to sample. I think they’re quite a new company and they say that their ‘mission is to bring convenient protein to busy gym-goers.’ Having looked through some pictures on Instagram after they contacted me I was so excited – every box looked amazing – packed full of protein-filled snacks and treats. They send a box of high-protein supplements direct to your door each month, packed with a selection of 10+ quality supplements including bars, powders, crisps and other snacks, each with around 20-30g of protein. They change their box each month, and the contents range from classic supplements from established brands to new products. 


I personally think it’s a great idea – it means that you get a selection of products to try, they hunt out and test the best products around and you get to sample products before committing to ordering a whole box. Plus since they mix it up each month it’s a complete surprise what you’re going to get.. and I don’t know about everyone else but I am a complete sucker for surprises!


I was so excited when I received my box. I felt like a kid at Christmas wondering what was inside the parcel! It was delivered ridiculously quickly too – RippedKit contacted me on Monday and my box was with me on Tuesday! Annoyingly since I live in a flat, our post boxes are tiny, so the box didn’t actually fit inside. Although I had to go and collect it from the post office, I wasn’t complaining as a bigger box meant more snacks 😉 I can’t imagine that this would be a problem for a normal sized letter box, as the dimensions of the box do actually fit through a standard letter box (I checked!). The box came packaged in pretty tissue paper with a full description of everything included in the box.


Despite the box being complimentary, it was clear from the start that RippedKit value good customer service. I mentioned that I had a peanut allergy and so as well as receiving the standard box, I was offered an alternative bar to replace one bar in that month’s box which happened to contain peanuts so that I could ‘still have the full 10 product experience.’ Even better – it was the chocolate and coconut Fulfil bar which I’d been wanting to try for ages but hadn’t wanted to commit to a full box having never tried any of their bars before! I gave the bar containing peanuts to my sister who was more than happy to sample and review it 😉


Obviously the Grenade bar needs no introduction – if you haven’t had one by now then where have you been hiding!? They are probably my favourite protein bar of all time and I love every single flavour, though white chocolate cookie has got to be up there with the best! Every single time I eat one I just can’t believe it’s a protein bar! Everything about this flavour reminds me of a milky bar, from the amazing strong white chocolate smell on opening to the incredible flavour! It has a delicious crunchy topping, a sweet, chewy and delicious base and if you microwave it or melt it on your oats.. well.. no words!


Possibly one of the bars I was most excited about was the Protein Mars bar. I’d already received one as a sample but in typical me-style I was hoarding it away for a rainy day, but once I got another one I could happily eat one whilst still having one left in my stash (I know.. so stupid!). The first thing I noticed was that it was TINY. Really, really small. It didn’t look big to start with, but when I took it out of the wrapper it was about half the size! On opening it there isn’t a particularly strong or sweet smell and it didn’t quite have the rippled texture on top which makes classic Mars bars so appealing. It’s a very dense bar with very little flavour, an extremely thin (almost non-existent layer) of both caramel and chocolate and and it’s not sweet at all. Obviously I wasn’t expecting it to taste like a real Mars bar (despite seeing some claims on social media that it did!) but beyond the packaging there was literally no resemblance. Perhaps had it not been branded in Mars packaging I would have been slightly less disappointed, but nevertheless there are plenty of better bars out there in my opinion.. not to mention someone told me that they retail at three pounds which is just OBSCENE – that’s literally one pound a bite, one pound fifty if you take big bites 😉


Onto the CNP chocolate bar. I’ve never actually tried or seen one before so I was intrigued and had no idea what to expect! The bar has a really good chocolatey smell on opening. Appearance wise it actually looks like a chocolate bar and it is a thick, decent sized bar – definitely one of the more appealing ones out there. It has a thin chocolate coating (as you can see by some of the filling already poking through!) which isn’t unpleasant but also doesn’t taste of much. The bar says low sugar which is evident when eating it but I find some other low sugar bars still taste a lot sweeter than this one did. As I got through the bar the coating started to remind me of American chocolate like Hersheys but that might just be because it wasn’t sweet enough. There’s a thick, dense base – the usual protein bar style – which has a decent chocolate flavour. There’s also a crispy top ping which is a really nice addition. It’s a good sized bar and combined with the mix of textures I actually felt like it was quite a satisfying snack. Overall verdict – it’s a pretty good bar and I’d probably buy it again.



I eat Trek bars regularly and I’m a big fan of them. I usually go for the flapjacks but I do also love their energy bars. Unsurprisingly they’re very similar to Nakd bars but bigger – they’re chewy, have a good flavour and unlike other protein bars, they’re made entirely of natural ingredients, making them gluten, wheat and dairy free for anyone who has intolerances.

I wasn’t sure what to do with the whey – I was tempted to bake with it but I thought that I’d be able to taste the flavour better if I just drank it. I’m not really a big fan of strawberry flavoured whey in general – I imagine it’s pretty hard to create a strawberry flavour without it tasting weird and artificial, and I’ve yet to try one which tastes good. However this was better than other ones that I’ve tried and although I wouldn’t drink it again I’d happily use it in baking or perhaps mixed into yogurt.


The beef jerky was chewy and tasty – a perfect savoury snack. I usually opt for sweet snacks as I have a huge sweet tooth (in case anyone hadn’t noticed 😉 ) but it was exciting to have something different for a change!


I’ve seen the MaxiNutrition bars around a lot and they seem to be popular. I’ve seen them in health food stores such as Holland & Barrett but even supermarkets like Tesco and Waitrose seem to stock them. Perhaps out of all of the bars in the box this was the one I was least excited about as I’ve had them before and they aren’t too hard to get hold of. That said, it’s a decent bar with a good flavour and texture.

I sent the peanut caramel Fulfil bar to my sister to try and she gave it a big thumbs up! “Chewy with lots of good peanut chunks with a good peanut taste (in comparison to other peanut bars, e.g. the peanut butter pie Oh Yeah bar).” She said she microwaved the second half which made it even better and even compared it to a Carb Killa bar, so that was a huge win too 🙂


The only thing in the box that I didn’t try (besides the peanut bar obviously!) was the Little Dragon Preworkout shot. The cola flavour sounded intriguing but I’ve honestly never taken preworkout and I don’t really feel the need to. I do understand why people do, and I know they’re extremely popular in the fitness industry, but fitness is not my career, it’s just a passion/hobby for me so if I ever feel tired or unmotivated, I just don’t train! The description also said that it’s extremely strong, so if I was going to start taking it I don’t think this would be the best way to start!


Anyway I’m conscious that this post is dragging on a little and ultimately this is a review for the company more than it is for the bars inside which will vary each month. Overall I think it’s a great idea – it’s convenient and full of exciting products. It’s the perfect way to discover new bars and I love being able to get a sample without having to buy a whole box. There’s no long term commitment, with the ability to cancel at any time and get a full refund if you aren’t happy with your box! At £19.95 for a box (including P&P) it’s decent value too. You could possibly argue that it’s a bit rubbish if you don’t like an item in that month’s box, but that’s pretty unfair given that at any time you could buy a protein bar to try and not like it (I’ve done this many times!). At least this way there are plenty of other awesome snacks to try 🙂 The only problem (if you’re anything like me and snack all the time!) would be trying to make one box last for a whole month…..

If you’re interested, then my code NC15 will get you 15% off your first box, so what are you waiting for 😉 😀

Link to their website: or check them out on Instagram @rippedkit

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