Rome – to do

I fell in love with Rome from the moment we arrived from the beautiful cobbled streets, old fashioned buildings and little delis to cafes and gelaterias on every corner. We’d chosen a hotel just outside of the city centre, as we wanted to spend some time relaxing too, and hotels in city centres tend to be pretty cramped or overpriced. Our hotel was about 10/15 minutes by car or 30 minutes by tram and the hotel provides a shuttle service both to the Vatican City and to Trastevere, which is just minutes walk from many amazing restaurants! Continue reading Rome – to do

Thomas J Fudge

I was lucky enough to be sent some samples of Thomas J Fudge’s new products. Thomas J Fudge started as a bakery in Dorset 100 years ago and they now produce a huge range of biscuits – sweet and savoury – available to buy both online and in stores. I’d seen some of their other products such as their Florentines in supermarkets but I’d never actually bought any so I was excited to try their products for the first time! Continue reading Thomas J Fudge


It’s been a bit of a whirlwind since Marcus got back from Rio! Obviously we wanted to spend time with his family but he also had a ton of media things scheduled as well as friends and relatives wanting to see his medal and chat to him! One morning he did an #IAmTeamGB event on coronation street in Manchester so we decided to make the most of the opportunity to have a day exploring the food side of the city! I went to university there but I was much more quantity over quality back when it came to food back then and I haven’t really been back since. I think it’s changed a lot since I left and there were so many amazing cafes and coffee shops we wanted to visit!

Continue reading Manchester

Oriental Pearl

To me, there’s nothing more incredible than viewing a city from above. I even love the pedestrian walkways above the streets of Shanghai, where you can look down onto the roads and stop to take in the beauty of the surrounding buildings without having to worry about being mowed over by an electronic scooter or having to wait at a crossing every five steps. There’s no doubt that the Oriental Pearl Tower is an iconic building, but it’s so much more than a pretty photo. There are several observation decks at different levels of the building and I’d read about a revolving restaurant on the 257th floor which I thought would be a beautiful place to enjoy dinner. Someone on my Instagram had said that it would be a disappointing view, with the Tower being smaller than many other buildings around but I went for it anyway and I’m not sure if we were talking about the same building, because despite being surrounded by skyscrapers, this Tower certainly wasn’t one of the smaller buildings around and there definitely weren’t any taller buildings obscuring our view! Continue reading Oriental Pearl