They say that people who love to eat are always the best people, and that’s definitely the case with my best friend! She definitely shares my love for food and is always bringing me amazing treats, and even though she doesn’t eat as much as me she is always willing to order extra whenever we go out even though she’s usually too full to eat anymore!

Akasaka is a tiny little Japanese restaurant in Wolverton, Milton Keynes. It’s surrounded by houses and convenience stores and has the type of unassuming shop front that would make you walk straight past if you didn’t know it existed. It only opened a couple of years ago yet it is ranked the third best restaurant in the whole of Milton Keynes – a pretty amazing achievement for such a small place. They call themselves sushi specialists, but they have over 120 dishes on their menu including sushi, sushi rolls, sashimi, grilled meat/fish, tempura, rice and noodles.



We first ended up here for lunch one Saturday. We’d been wedding dress shopping in the morning and after visiting just one shop I was already starting to get hungry. I decided to stay motivated though (I’ll be honest – I can’t take any credit – my best friend is amazing with all things wedding related so she definitely kept me interested!) and we headed to another shop. Within twenty minutes she’d also started to get hungry too though, and true to form we abandoned the dress search in favour of food! We couldn’t decide where to go (shocker!) and went from choosing a cafe for a lighter option (as we were going out for dinner later) to a proper meal within minutes 😛 As usual I wanted to avoid the chains, but Milton Keynes is full of them, so when she suggested a sushi place which she loved I thought it was a perfect time to give it a go, especially as I rarely eat it and hadn’t been out for sushi for ages!


The menu is pretty extensive, and since I’m an amateur when it comes to Japanese food I struggled a bit without the luxury of pictures to help me distinguish between all the different dishes. I ended up just choosing things I liked the sound of and hoping for the best. I guess a lot of sushi looks different but the elements are still the same so it was going to be pretty hard to order badly! As an appetiser I chose the tuna tataki, which the menu claimed was seared tuna. I was served the most delicately sliced tuna slices on a bed of salad with a delicious dressing. The fish had the kind of melt in the mouth texture which you’d expect from any good sushi restaurant and the sauce went perfectly.


My phone managed to die half way through the meal (despite it only being around half 1 and despite the fact that I hadn’t used it all morning as we’d been out shopping!) but luckily I still managed to take a few pictures of the sushi selection which we ordered! We went for all the usuals – salmon, tuna, californian rolls (crab stick and avocado), prawn tempura and fried soft-shell crab.


I apprehensively tried the eel – my friend loves it and when she asked me I expected it to be slimy and I didn’t think I’d be a fan. It was sliced thinly though and served with avocado and it was actually pretty good 🙂 As always we powered through the pickled ginger – I love that stuff! – and when we asked for more they brought us a whole bowl full!


Eating out for Asian food is pretty much the only time I’ll ever drink green tea and I think it’s the perfect accompaniment to sushi to bring something warm to the meal. My tea came in a cute little teapot with the usual unlimited refills, but when my friend decided she wanted tea too later on in the meal, they just brought her an extra cup rather than charging us for a second teapot which I thought was nice 🙂



For dessert we got mochi and it was absolutely heavenly! I think I’ve tried mochi once before when I was in Singapore but this one was incredible. It had the usual sticky gelatinous coating which all mochi has, but it was stuffed with creamy, sweet ice cream! We tried the coconut and the green tea ones – I loved both but she wasn’t a fan of the green tea ones.. which meant more for me so I wasn’t complaining 😉



img_5007They open for lunch (12-3) and dinner (5.30-11) and since it’s such a small place I think it can get pretty busy, particularly in the evenings where it can be pretty hard to get in without a booking.


Would I recommend it? Yes
Worth going out of your way for? If you live around Milton Keynes..
Would I go back? Probably not, though mainly because I’m not in Milton Keynes very often!

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