Count the memories, not the calories.

This phrase is printed immediately inside the front door at L’eto and I couldn’t agree more with it. It’s something that resonates so strongly with me and something I passionately promote in a generation where I feel like a diet-culture and a lifestyle full of restrictions and calorie-counting is so disturbingly prominent. I absolutely love this place! It’s right in the middle of Soho, surrounded by a ton of similarly amazing cafes and eateries and it’s impossible to walk past without staring at all of the beautiful cakes in the window!

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Death by Chocolate

A while ago I got sent some crackers, crispbreads and Florentines from Thomas J Fudge to sample and review on my blog. I loved them, so when they asked me if they could send me some items to get creative for National Chocolate Week I jumped at the chance! It’s no secret that I have a huge sweet tooth and I love all things chocolatey, so this was my dream challenge! I was so excited to get more of their Florentines too – I just can’t get over how good they are. All other Florentines I’ve had have been hard and brittle but these are soft, chewy, packed full of fruit and covered in smooth milk chocolate.. Heaven!

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Ozone Coffee Roasters

What is it with people and crazy fad diets these days!? I’ve definitely gone on a rant about this before but seriously.. First fat made you fat, then sugar made you fat, then it was eating after 6pm, and now it’s carbs. And/or gluten. Or dairy. Or anything that doesn’t grow on a tree. Who knows what it will be next week!

Bolstermoor Farm Shop

Every time we go back up North we’re surprised at how many lovely new independent places have opened up, and we’re lucky enough to have eaten at a ton of restaurants and lovely pubs because Marcus’ parents love eating out too, so there’s never a time that we’ll go back and not go out for dinner 🙂 There are a lot of little gems I could write about but it seems only fitting that I start here – one of the first places that I went to and a place that we never fail to visit every time we go back up, even if it’s just for coffee and cake or to pick up some of their incredible steak pies to bring back down South with us! Continue reading Bolstermoor Farm Shop

Rome – eating our way through the city!

Be warned – this is a much, much longer post than I originally planned, though it should come as no surprise given that we spent the majority of our time in Rome eating! It’s safe to say that in the time we were in Rome we well and truly ate our way through the city! We had almost as many scoops of gelato and cups of coffee as we had hours in Rome and we spent every waking minute in carb comas from all the bread, pizza and Nutella stuffed pastries! But if you’re not in that state then let’s be honest, you’re not doing it right as Rome is (in my opinion!) one of the best cities in the world for food. I’d done my research and picked places to eat but we definitely had our fair share of unplanned snacks and coffee stops – every bakery and coffee shop just looked so enticing and every other shop sells gelato!

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