Count the memories, not the calories.

This phrase is printed immediately inside the front door at L’eto and I couldn’t agree more with it. It’s something that resonates so strongly with me and something I passionately promote in a generation where I feel like a diet-culture and a lifestyle full of restrictions and calorie-counting is so disturbingly prominent. I absolutely love this place! It’s right in the middle of Soho, surrounded by a ton of similarly amazing cafes and eateries and it’s impossible to walk past without staring at all of the beautiful cakes in the window!



I’ve been a few times to sample their cakes and when my family came down to London we ended up on a spontaneous visit there after our planned trip to Choccy Woccy Doo Dah (devastatingly!) fell through – I can’t believe how early you have to go there to put your name down to get in.. I won’t be making that mistake again in a hurry! As far as back-up plans go though this was pretty awesome – if you’re anything like me you’ll have a bloody tough time choosing! – and I think we all left satisfyingly stuffed full of cake 🙂




I ended up going for brunch just a couple of weeks later – I was meeting a friend and we agreed it was a good place to go as there are so many other places to get coffee and cake close by in case we felt obliged to leave as we knew we’d end up wanting to chat for hours! We were both torn between savoury and sweet – the usual brunch struggle – and so of course we opted for both! I went for the L’eto breakfast – avocado on rye with poached eggs, turkey, fried mushrooms and a tomato and rocket salad.


My friend went for the Arabic breakfast, with tortillas, hummus, aubergine yogurt, halloumi, eggs, fava beans and tomatoes. We both had a bit of everything and everything was amazing!


Afterwards we shared pancakes with berries and yogurt and french toast with caramelised plums and bananas! I was so happy that I was out with a french toast lover as I always want to try it but I personally prefer pancakes, and I often find that french toast looks and sounds more appealing than it actually tastes!



This french toast was no exception – although it tasted good, it looked absolutely incredible!! I did enjoy it, and the brioche was incredibly soft but the best part for me was the toppings.. you just can’t beat caramelised bananas when they’re done well! My perfect combination would be pancakes with those toppings, and thanks to my friend I pretty much got to do that 🙂 Food and multiple coffees later, we realised we’d been there for over three hours and three separate groups of people had been and gone next to us! Credit to them, we didn’t feel like we were being pushed out at all, but we ventured out in search of a coffee shop anyway to continue our catch up 🙂



All of the plates of food being brought out looked amazing, and the cakes always look so perfect too! The only negatives would be that it’s really cramped – then again where isn’t in London! – there was so little room between our table and the tables either side that I physically couldn’t get out! (shouldn’t have eaten so many plates of food.. 😛 ) There’s also only one toilet for both staff and customers so we endured about twenty minutes queueing in total just to use the toilet for twenty seconds which obviously isn’t ideal, but again I don’t really feel like I can criticise them for that since it’s common for places in London to have only one toilet, if they even have one at all!



Overall I’d definitely recommend this place – all of the food looks amazing, the cakes are beautiful and there’s a huge selection so it’s perfect for an extended brunch followed by coffee and cake! I wouldn’t say their coffee is anything to shout about but there is a ridiculously extensive drinks menu including other hot drinks, cold drinks and soft drinks. Plus it’s in one of the best locations, with so many other places to go close by – Princi, Yorica, Crosstown, Timberyard, Cutter and Squidge and Franco Manca to name just a few off the top of my head!


Link to their website: http://letocaffe.co.uk

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