Talli Joe

Indian food with a twist! Just a couple of minutes’ walk from Seven Dials, this is the perfect place to come with a few friends and order the entire menu! I went with my parents and we did just that, and of all the dishes we got I think there were only one or two which I didn’t love! Each one was tasty, unique and the most beautifully presented I’ve seen as far as Indian food goes! Much as I love Indian food, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not usually the most aesthetically pleasing food and so many of my favourite Indian restaurants have never made it to my blog, but thankfully this one was an exception 🙂

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The Glasshouse

One of the things I love most about social media is how many people you can reach in such a short space of time. Naturally for my birthday I had more plans to eat out than there were days in the week and when one of best friends offered to take me out I really struggled to decide where to eat (shocker I know!). She said I could pick anywhere, and I really wanted to go somewhere with a lovely atmosphere but I was also keen to try somewhere new (so Prime was out!). I have a billion places on my London list, but I feel like nice, independent places are much more of a rarity outside of London so I often find myself eating at a lot of the same places, and when I need to pick somewhere special I find it particularly difficult! One of the lovely people on my Instagram suggested The Glasshouse at the Grove Hotel in Watford.

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Frugal fun

I was recently contacted as part of the #FrugalFun campaign run by Personal Capital* which encourages bloggers to write about their favourite budget-friendly activities. Naturally all of my favourite activities revolve around good food and good company, but this is often associated with high costs since eating out regularly can be expensive! There are plenty of ways to involve those on a tighter budget though, and to be honest as the weather gets colder and darker I often prefer just staying in and enjoying a warm evening inside!

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Afternoon tea @ St Michael’s Manor

Afternoon tea has got to be one of my all time favourite things! Obviously I love the food (who doesn’t love warm scones with jam and cream and an endless supply of cakes!?) but it’s the whole experience that makes it so special to me. The best places make you feel as though you could sit there for hours, chatting and relaxing over endless pots of tea and delicious cakes. The food is so beautifully presented and so dainty that I actually savour every bite too rather than greedily gobbling it all down! I love how quintessentially British it is – it’s such an old-fashioned tradition and something which I always associate with good company and good service – the perfect way to spend a lazy weekend afternoon 🙂

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Beany Green

I love eating outside. Probably because it’s such a novelty in England with such temperamental weather. I say love, but the conditions do have to be exact 😉 It has to be hot but not the humid-clammy-hot typical of British summertime. I don’t like being too cold either. I’d prefer to sit at a table so I can eat comfortably, I don’t want lots of bugs.. And I’m not a fan of sitting on grass without a blanket 😛 Beany Green has a lovely outdoor area on the terrace at Broadgate Circle which makes this all perfectly achievable! Since they’re on a terrace, there’s a roof so you can sit outside without having the sun beating directly down on you (too hot) and they have a heater for when the sun goes in (too cold). Since it’s covered, you’re safe from the wonderful unpredictability of British weather – true to form, despite it being a beautiful sunny day, it did start drizzling half way through our meal (then cleared up just as suddenly!).

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