Beany Green

I love eating outside. Probably because it’s such a novelty in England with such temperamental weather. I say love, but the conditions do have to be exact 😉 It has to be hot but not the humid-clammy-hot typical of British summertime. I don’t like being too cold either. I’d prefer to sit at a table so I can eat comfortably, I don’t want lots of bugs.. And I’m not a fan of sitting on grass without a blanket 😛 Beany Green has a lovely outdoor area on the terrace at Broadgate Circle which makes this all perfectly achievable! Since they’re on a terrace, there’s a roof so you can sit outside without having the sun beating directly down on you (too hot) and they have a heater for when the sun goes in (too cold). Since it’s covered, you’re safe from the wonderful unpredictability of British weather – true to form, despite it being a beautiful sunny day, it did start drizzling half way through our meal (then cleared up just as suddenly!).


To “add to” the outdoor dining experience there’s a guitarist perched on a stool on the terrace. I’m not sure if he was a regular but he really didn’t hold back. I think most of us were united in silently wishing he would leave us to enjoy our food in peace. I’m all for some chilled out music but he was loud enough that we couldn’t really talk properly, he was way too keen for an early weekend morning and not particularly in tune either. I’m so mean 😦



They offer a Bottomless brunch at weekends which I can imagine would appeal to lots of people, though it’s only the drinks not the food which is unlimited which is slightly sad for a greedy person like me 😉


Something unique to their menu is charcoal bread – I was equally baffled and intrigued. Generally black is not associated with food in a good way so I’m not sure who thought to create it and why but obviously being curious, I had to try it. I liked it though can’t say there was any real difference to a regular sourdough besides the colour!


The service was a bit hit and miss – it was slow and a bit chaotic considering the very small number of tables which they actually had to wait on. I think we were served by three different people while we were there and had to ask for the same thing multiple times on more than one occasion. They totally forgot about my coconut bread which was annoying though and when it did come they forgot the butter, though they did make me a fresh coffee since mine was stone cold.


I’ve also been to their sister cafe, Daisy Green, a couple of times which is conveniently located on one of the roads parallel to Oxford Street (near the Selfridges end) which I also love. It’s small but peaceful – hard to believe that you’re just minutes from the hell of the shops! There are more places to sit than at Beany Green, with an upstairs area featuring a few tables and a counter displaying their bakes and some takeaway foods and a downstairs area with more seating and some quirky decoration including a strange multicoloured papier mâchè head (I’m not sure if it’s still there but it sure is a sight to behold..!).



I don’t remember much about my visits there as it was a while back but from looking back through old photos it looks like I got the corn fritters with bacon, avocado and poached eggs (I guess some things never change!), and banana bread with yogurt and berries! I remember the banana bread being good (as was the coconut bread at beany green), but my all time favourite banana bread has to be Brickwood‘s, even if it is just for the heavenly espresso butter which it’s served with! Overall they’re a nice set of cafes serving good food, but it’s hard to stand out in London with so many other amazing brunch spots around!


Would I recommend it? Yes
Worth going out of your way for? Probably not.. London is full of amazing places! 🙂
Would I go back? Yep

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