Pizza Pilgrims 

There isn’t much to write about this place to be honest, so I’ll keep this post short and sweet. As with a lot of good pizza places, Pizza Pilgrims have a very simple menu, but they do it very well. They have five locations around London as well as a van, which I believe you can hire out for private events!


They have a typically simple menu as you’d expect at a pizza place – a few pizzas with minimal ingredients, but they do also have a few sides like arancini, flatbreads and burrata.. Oh, and they do a nutella and salted ricotta pizza ring for dessert!!

We went to the one in Kingly Court and from the outside it looks tiny. There’s a small, green front door and what looks like just a few tables, but there’s a big downstairs area and further seating round the back (which was stupid of me as I’d seen those tables before but not put two and two together!). We sat downstairs, which was a bit too warm and very, very cosy, but let’s be honest, if you go out for pizza you’re there for the food not the experience! You can also eat “outside” in the courtyard if you’d rather and they do takeaway too 🙂


I saw the calzone come out to a table near me which was intriguing – nothing like the usual huge puffy things – it was literally a pizza folded in half, with further toppings on the top half. I went for a normal pizza though, and as always I went for something simple as I think the best pizzas don’t need fancy toppings. My pizza simply had roasted aubergine, mozzarella, tomatoes and Parmesan!


Marcus went even simpler though and just opted for the margherita! In a nutshell, it was a bloody good pizza! The crusts were the highlight for me; incredibly soft and doughy – I could’ve swept up all of the piles of crusts which I saw crazy people around the restaurant leaving and eaten them alone with a dip! The aubergine was done perfectly too (even if they weren’t exactly heavy handed with the toppings!) – so simple but so tasty, seasoned in plenty of salt and olive oil.. I actually picked most of it off to eat on its own! You can pay also an extra £2.75 to upgrade to buffalo mozzarella but since that was almost half the price of Marcus’ pizza, we decided not the bother and we were perfectly happy! 🙂




They have a few others on the menu including a lot of white pizzas and one that was cheese-less!! Cue the debate on what constitutes a pizza. We couldn’t decide whether the absence of cheese or tomato made it less pizza-ish, as to me both are vital and I usually try to avoid ordering white pizzas (unless the toppings are just TOO tempting). Tomato bases are by far my favourite (and I actually think big pizzas can be a bit sickly without the tomato) and did Marcus make a good point that without tomato it’s basically a flatbread.. but how can you have a pizza without cheese!?



Needless to say there were absolutely no crumbs left!


Since this post has been so short, I’m going to use the opportunity to go on one of my random rants 😀 I actually had this pizza after one of our usual food days in London – it was a pretty typical weekend day for us but perhaps I’d posted more than usual or perhaps people were just bored and had nothing better to do than send stupid messages, but I received a ton! The general vein was how am I not obese after HEAVEN FORBID I ate some food that wasn’t kale or coconut water. I mean that’s all slim people eat right!? Everyone knows it’s impossible to be slim and eat anything other than salad and slimming tea! Sometimes people’s comments upset me, sometimes they frustrate me, sometimes they make me laugh and often I just ignore them altogether but I just think it’s so SO sad that so many people have got to such a poor approach to food and the diet culture has become so prominent that people genuinely don’t believe it’s possible to eat nice food without being obese or having to do endless hours of exercise to “work it off.” Yes I had a bloody awesome food day. Amongst other things I went out for brunch then had a burger and fries, chocolate, coffee and donuts before we went to Pizza Pilgrims. Yes it was a lot but it was hardly ridiculous. Maybe a lot compared to the world of dieting on social media. But there are plenty of people in the world who eat a hell of a lot more than that, and I myself have had plenty of days when I’ve eaten a lot more than that!


Please keep reading.. I promise there is more food below.. 😀

More to the point though, I quite clearly do not eat like that every day! I love those foods but I also LOVE meat and fish and salad and eggs and fruit and veg. Just because I like less nutritious foods too doesn’t mean I live solely on them and it certainly doesn’t mean I should be obese because I let myself eat them! Yes I’m aware I have a fast metabolism and I eat a hell of a lot but it IS possible to eat and live enjoyably and still be fit and healthy. Just because some people starve themselves and deprive themselves of nice food or ruin their bodies exercising all day every day it certainly doesn’t mean that everyone else is the same, and anyone who knows me knows I can’t stand waste or wasteful people! But the thing I hate most is that so many people questioning me does make me question myself sometimes. (I’m always doubting myself so nothing new there!) Am I a freak!? Does having a huge appetite make me that abnormal!? I love food and I love to eat.. Why should it be seen as a bad thing!? I’ve written about this in a blog post before but for so many years I was so self conscious/embarassed about how much I ate and it’s only thanks to Marcus loving my huge appetite that I’ve come to accept it and embrace it! Thankfully this period of questioning and self doubt didn’t last long for me, but I really urge you to think before posting what could be a hurtful comment on someone’s post – behind people’s social media pages are real people who have feelings, and it’s nice to be nice! 🙂


Anyway.. If anyone has made it to the bottom of my non-pizza related rant then thank you for reading.. And definitely give Pizza Pilgrims a go! We both agreed it was too hard to compare to Franco Manca (my favourite pizza place, and the benchmark for all other pizza places!) without literally having them side by side, but it certainly wasn’t noticeably worse, and I’m sure we’ll be back!! 😀

Link to their website:

4 thoughts on “Pizza Pilgrims 

  1. I want to spit on anyone who said you should be obese .
    Heehee I do love your rants ,& it’s so nice to see you on a post !…even if only it is only a third of your face.
    I truly hope you don’t question yourself or your actions , especially due to ignorance on social media. I really do hate SM sometimes !

    Anyway. Your pizzas look real good and you picked the perfect toppings . I’ve thought about it ,& to me a pizza really does need tomato ! And I too love crusts for dipping , oh yum 👅



    1. Hehe thank you Sarah!! Hahaa yes my face doesn’t feature often, I debated putting my whole face on but I cropped some out 😉 I do sometimes doubt myself but I guess everyone does sometimes, as long as I don’t let it happen often!! Yep I agree with you – a pizza isn’t a pizza without a tomato base!! Xx


  2. I love pizza pilgrims, everything they do is so classic and super tasty. In the summer they had a frozen limoncello that was heavenly.

    And is that a Bread Ahead doughnut I spy? They are epic, I think they’re my favourite.


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