Once again I was well and truly spoilt by my amazing fiancée on my birthday this year. Not only did he spoil me to pieces on my birthday itself, he also planned the perfect weekend away 🙂 I love doing thoughtful things for people and in return I’m so incredibly grateful when people do the same. He’d put in so much effort into planning this weekend – he’d planned brunch, lunch, snacks, dinner and coffee stops for a whole three days, and had even included dinner and a cinema trip with all the trimmings the night before! Much as I love cosy film nights in, he knows that I have a slight obsession with cinema popcorn and as a child it was seen as a big deal for us to get cinema snacks (in fairness I can completely understand as they are outrageously pricey!) so when he got me chocolates, a Christmas coffee from Costa, pick and mix, popcorn AND Ben & Jerry’s I literally felt like a kid at Christmas (and I probably behaved like one too from all of the sugar.. what’s new 😛 ).

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Thomas J Fudge – mulled wine

There are certain things that it’s just criminal not to have over the festive period and for me mulled wine is one of them. Mulled wine and mince pies are two things I can honestly say I feel almost no desire to eat for the rest of the year, but everything about them just screams Christmas, so when it comes to the holidays – let’s be honest.. the whole month of December – I eat them in abundance. After all the supermarkets have had them out since October!

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Once again, Christmas has come around so quickly and I can’t believe it’s now less than a week away! I feel like everyone’s been saying this but seriously, where has this year gone!? I wasn’t planning on writing something like this so soon after my recent body confidence post but I’ve had a surprising number of messages recently from eating disorder sufferers or those in recovery – even more so than usual, so I thought I’d quickly write something up before the festive period really kicks in for me (though I have been eating festive treats since before December..!).

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I’ll be honest; I’d never heard of Atariya until I looked at Timeout’s list of best sushi restaurants in London. I was meeting an old school friend, and although both of us eat pretty much anything, we have pretty different tastes – her favourite cuisine is Asian and mine is Italian, and coincidentally our own favourites are each other’s least favourite cuisines! I also love Indian food but she cooks it a lot at home since both of her parents grew up in India, and since she goes back frequently I guess our Indian restaurants are a pretty poor version of the food she’s so used to eating! One thing we can both agree on is our love for Sticks ‘n’ Sushi though, but since I eat sushi out so rarely I wanted to try somewhere new.. cue the Timeout search! Reading Timeout is the highlight of my weekly commute (it doesn’t take much though, let’s be honest!) and I know I can always rely on them for good recommendations and truthful reviews!

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Lola Jeans

Whenever I go to a new city, one of the first things I do is research the best places to eat. Unfortunately when I go away with work we usually have all meals (plus a ton of snacks!) provided, and the courses obviously run all day so it’s hard for me to get out and explore the city. By explore I mean eat my way through the city of course 😉

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The Waffle House

If you go here for one thing let it be their milkshakes. Specifically their malted chocolate shake. The milkshakes are possibly the best thing about this place.. and that’s no easy feat when they’re all about waffles! Trust me, you’ll never look at milkshakes the same way again. The type that are difficult to even drink through the straw, these are so thick, creamy and delicious they will ruin all future milkshakes for you!

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