Potty Pancakes

Despite people always telling me they’re amazed by my appetite, every once in a while I really do feel smug about my eating capabilities and this was definitely one of those times! When I got invited down to Potty Pancakes and burger bar ahead of pancake day I was so excited to visit – any place serving pancakes is always going to be a winner in my eyes but I’d stalked them on Instagram and some of the stacks I’d seen looked absolutely insane! Although compared to the average person I probably do eat a lot more sugar/junk food, I honestly can’t remember the last time I was served something this amazing looking (this is one of the photos from their Instagram account!).

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Urban Choola

Christmas is the one time of year that we always go back up North and spend time with our families and we get so excited about all of the food. I love how at Christmas the fridge is always stocked full of desserts and snacks, and there are mince pies, stollen and chocolates everywhere; Marcus’ entire house is filled with boxes of chocolate and biscuits and when I go over there the four of us spend the entirety of our time in food comas!

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For Goodness Shakes

For Goodness Shakes got in touch with me and asked me if they could send me some of their products to try. I’d heard the name before, but I couldn’t picture their products or where I’d seen them. When I received them I immediately recognised them from supermarkets though and I think they’re actually widely available. I got sent two flavours – chocolate and strawberry.

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Bun and Bar

It’s not often that I’ll start a review of a meal with the desserts, but this place warrants it. To be honest, all of the food was amazing, but if you take one look at their desserts and don’t want to devour them then I’m not sure what planet you’re from 😉 A gooey half baked chocolate chip cookie stuffed with milk and white chocolate chips and a salted caramel brownie, both served warm with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.. Ultimate food heaven!

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For as long as I can remember I’ve loved writing. I remember spending ages writing silly stories when I was younger, from illustrated books for my little sister to long stories that I thought were immensely captivating at the time (they were awful). I still enjoy writing now (which is ironic given I studied maths!) and I love sitting down with a big mug of tea and biscuits with my laptop to start a random ramble. But to be asked to write a review about a place in return for free food is like a dream come true!

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