Potty Pancakes

Despite people always telling me they’re amazed by my appetite, every once in a while I really do feel smug about my eating capabilities and this was definitely one of those times! When I got invited down to Potty Pancakes and burger bar ahead of pancake day I was so excited to visit – any place serving pancakes is always going to be a winner in my eyes but I’d stalked them on Instagram and some of the stacks I’d seen looked absolutely insane! Although compared to the average person I probably do eat a lot more sugar/junk food, I honestly can’t remember the last time I was served something this amazing looking (this is one of the photos from their Instagram account!).



When I got there I was actually considering ordering something savoury as a starter, but the waitress advised me not to. I actually think it could have been a wise choice to order a savoury side, because it surprisingly wasn’t the volume of the pancakes that almost ruined me – it was the sweetness!! I did start with an Oreo milkshake though.. at the time I thought it could be a poor decision that I’d later come to regret but when it arrived I didn’t care – it was creamy, sweet and packed full of Oreo chunks, and it was served in a jar the way I think all good milkshakes should be!




They had a lot of sweet and savoury combinations on their menu but in the end I couldn’t resist going for make your own option – amazing as their menu sounded, when presented with a list of all of the chocolates and sweets I could dream of to choose from, I had to get a customised stack!



You can get 4, 6, 8 or 10 pancakes (no prizes for guessing how many I chose!!) and I topped mine with melted chocolate hazelnut sauce, twix pieces, Oreos, crushed digestives and ferrero rochers with a scoop of salted caramel ice cream on the side! This is most definitely one of those times when a picture is a thousand words.



How can I possibly describe how heavenly this was in writing!? Look at the amount of chocolate sauce there is! The pancakes were sandwiched together with it too!! And as if that wasn’t enough, they’d lined the plate with it too, so beneath all of the crushed Oreos were pools and pools of thick, melted Nutella. On top of that there were the crushed digestive pieces, generous chunks of twix and the whole stack was topped with three melty ferrero rochers. It was such a huge stack that there were even cocktail sticks wedged in at the top to stop the whole thing from collapsing! Aside from the amazing toppings, the pancakes themselves were incredibly soft and fluffy and deliciously tasty – true American-style buttermilk pancakes.



Amazing as the toppings were I could’ve happily eaten the pancakes alone with maple syrup so if you’re slightly less of a lunatic than me then I definitely still recommend going to try their pancakes! They also have plenty of savoury pancake toppings like bacon, eggs, cheese and sausages, plus they serve burgers, pizzas and other American diner food if you fancy a less sweet option to line your stomach first!



I can honestly say that I’ve never been so close to being defeated by a plate of food (and I’ve demolished the famous devastator burger with a large fries at Red Dog Saloon!). It actually wasn’t the volume, it was the sweetness and richness of it all! Towards the end when I was left with the densest, Nutella soaked pancakes at the bottom of the stack with huge clumps of Oreos stuck together with yet more Nutella I was almost considering stopping. To be honest I probably could’ve done with more ice cream or the addition of another (less thick!) sauce to make it slightly less stodgy!


It got to this stage and I honestly felt like I was on an episode of man vs food.


I remember watching countless episodes when he’s eaten so much food and there are only a few bites left.. I remember thinking “come on, it’s literally a couple of mouthfuls”, but it genuinely felt like a mammoth task! But everyone knows how much I despise food waste and I always try my utmost hardest not to, so with plenty of water to keep the sickness at bay I battled on (tough life I know!) and I was successful 😛 Times like this I kind of do realise why people ask me how I’m not obese….



Anyway I could rave on about these forever and I’m already dreaming about the next time I can go back for round two, so I’m going to keep this post short and sweet so that you can get down there to try them for yourself 😉 I challenge you to order the stack of 10 pancakes with all the toppings and see if you can finish it – it’s literally a food lover’s dream!!

Link to their website: pottypancakes.com/

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