Doisy & Dam

Isn’t it every girl’s dream to be sent free chocolate!? I’m sure many of you fellow chocoholics are familiar with Doisy & Dam but for those of you who aren’t they’re a healthier chocolate brand, partnering superfoods such as baobab, lucuma and goji berries with the highest quality organic chocolate. Chocolate that tastes amazing and is packed full of nutritious and natural goodness – what’s not to love!?

I’d seen tried a few flavours before, but I’d only ever seen them in specialist shops such as Wholefoods, Sourced Market and Selfridges (their chocolate library is insane – I’ve spent many a happy hour there 😉 ) so to hear that they’re now launching in high street supermarkets (starting with Sainsbury’s) was great news! Much as I love Selfridges it most certainly isn’t the most bank-balance-friendly of shops and the bars are available in Sainsbury’s for a very reasonable £1.65 for the smaller 40g bar and £2.50 for the larger 80g bar (I’m almost certain I’ve seen them for close to a fiver if not more in Selfridges.. don’t quote me on that but about double the price of every normal store seems about right!).


The first thing I always notice about these chocolates is their packaging! Look how bright and colourful it is – doesn’t it just cry out to be picked up from the shelves!? Then there’s their flavour combinations; they have a great range with each one more enticing than the last!

  • Date & Himalayan pink salt milk chocolate
  • Vanilla cacao nib milk chocolate
  • Quinoa, smoked tea & vanilla milk chocolate
  • Lemon, poppy seed & baobab white chocolate
  • Maple, toasted rice & Himalayan pink salt dark chocolate
  • Maca, vanilla & cacao nib dark chocolate
  • Goji & orange dark chocolate
  • Coconut & lucuma dark chocolate

As one of the owners, Ed, says, “We don’t believe that you have to sacrifice health to find indulgence. With Doisy & Dam we’ve created a range of products that are synonymous with quality, deliciousness and natural goodness. We only use the highest quality organic chocolate, never use unnecessary ingredients and always look to excite with our superfoods and flavour pairings.” I couldn’t word it better myself and I couldn’t agree more – I truly believe that there are plenty of healthy and nutritious foods out there that eating ‘healthily’ shouldn’t mean eating boring foods or sacrificing the foods that you love!


Unlike other ‘healthier’ chocolates these aren’t raw, so I love that they have a proper snap and bite to them like regular chocolate.

Most of the flavours are every bit as good as they sound! I absolutely love vanilla as a flavour and I’ve loved every vanilla chocolate bar I’ve tried so far so the vanilla cacao nib milk chocolate was the one I was most excited about! I find that cacao nibs alone can be a bit bitter and unpleasant to eat, but combined with the creamy milk chocolate and beautifully sweet vanilla they were lovely and added a satisfying crunch.

I absolutely love dates too and date and Himalayan pink salt reminded me a little of a healthier salted caramel. I personally don’t like goji berries very much (the poor shrivelled things don’t look any more appetising than they taste) and my desire to eat chocolate orange flavoured things varies with my mood but obviously I had to try this bar straight away too.. such a tough life 😛 I think there are a few absolute chocolate orange wins (like Terry’s!) but these are generally far outweighed by complete fails (I won’t list names!) but this bar was lovely! The orange could’ve been stronger but the goji berries provided a chewy texture and I loved the richness of the dark chocolate and the subtle orange flavour.


The only one I was slightly disappointed with was the coconut and lucuma dark chocolate, but that may have been because that was the one I was convinced I’d like best! I absolutely love coconut flavoured everything, and I find that lucuma can have a subtle hint of caramel but I couldn’t particularly taste either in this bar. It was still a lovely bar of dark chocolate though, even if slightly lacking in exciting flavours. Dipped in coconut Pip & Nut it was an absolute winner of course!


The chocolate I crave depends hugely on my mood – I’ll often go for rich, dark 80-85% dark chocolate but I absolutely love sugary milk chocolates too – but I generally never choose white chocolate (thought I do have random Milkybar cravings!) and it’s definitely my least favourite. I’ve heard good things about their lemon, poppy seed and baobab bar though – unfortunately I wasn’t sent any samples of that flavour but I’m planning on buying some to try at some point 🙂

For me when it comes to my favourite foods like chocolate, taste has to be the number one priority, but if it tastes good and has added nutritional value through the addition of superfoods then that’s just a bonus. I love all of the flavours that I tried and I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite – each one is so unique and they have the most incredibly innovative flavour pairings. So go ahead and buy the full range to try, and have that extra bar.. you know, for the health benefits 😉

Link to their website:

2 thoughts on “Doisy & Dam

  1. Yum! I have to say, I thought that I’d like the coconut one best too from the name, so it’s a shame it wasn’t as strong a taste as you’d hoped. I think I’d also really love the dark maple and pink salt one.


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