Florentine – a new all-day dining restaurant and bar minutes from Waterloo, that serves eggs (and other brunch-style dishes) all day. Any place that recognises the godliness of brunch (and therefore the need for it to be available all day, every day) is instantly off to a great start in my mind, but add a huge mix of British/Italian classics including flatbreads in the most incredible flavour combinations and melt in the mouth meats and you have an absolutely winning menu!

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Bill’s restaurant

You all know how much I love trying new places, and how my infatuation with London stems from all of the incredible independent cafes, restaurants and coffee shops around, but often finding exciting, independent places to eat just isn’t practical.

I imagine a lot of Londoners take all of the incredible restaurants on their doorstep for granted sometimes; just twenty minutes north of London in St Albans and it’s a completely different story.

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