The Happy Mail

Edible smiles delivered to your door

Once in a while I come across something that puts a huge smile on my face and instantly lifts my mood. It can be a tiny, insignificant thing but it can make my whole day – a kind gesture, a cute couple, a beautiful view, a random memory or (surprisingly!) in this case a small business. The Happy Mail design and create edible gift packages in the form of incredible biscuits and chocolates in an ridiculous array of colours, shapes and sizes.



I first found The Happy Mail when a beautifully colourful picture came up on my discover feed and after seeing it I followed it through to their Instagram page – quite literally happiness in food form. Seriously, go and look at their Instagram page. Everything is pretty, brightly coloured, imaginative, innovative and just downright adorable.. plus there are sprinkles; lots of sprinkles! If you’re even the tiniest bit sad, I can guarantee that one look at this page will brighten your mood and put a smile on your face! It’s everything I loved and miss about childhood – pretty colours, beautiful designs and of course everyone’s favourite childhood biscuits – Custard Creams, Bourbons and Malted Milks (or cow biscuits as I used to call them!). As I’m growing up, I feel (as I’m sure many others do too) like I look back on the past with rose-tinted glasses; only remembering the best bits, but I’ll always have fond memories of coming home after school and opening the biscuit tin to see what goodies were inside! I did get caught with my hand in the biscuit tin by one of the women who looked after us though, after she’d specifically told me NO more biscuits before dinner – it’s one of those random insignificant memories that has stayed with me to this day and still makes me laugh when I think about it!


After spending a long time looking through the pictures on The Happy Mail’s Instagram page I moved onto their website where you can browse through the delicious products that they sell or find information about how to place a custom order or ask about catering for large events. There are biscuits, donuts, macaroons and colourful sweet-studded slabs modeled out of chocolate as well as actual biscuits covered in chocolate and sprinkles and around special occasions like Easter and Christmas there are seasonal products too.



I knew the package was from The Happy Mail before I even opened it. The package came with a pretty pink tape round it and even my address was written in pink! As soon as I opened it there was a brightly coloured postcard and everything was wrapped beautifully in tissue paper, complete with confetti! Different parts of my order were wrapped individually, some in pretty candy-shop style paper bags, some in tissue paper with pretty coloured tape and one even came in a beautiful gold foil bag – yet more evidence of the insane thought, care and attention to detail that goes into every single one of their creations.



I got the perfect selection – Custard Creams and Bourbon biscuits modeled out of top quality Belgian white chocolate, the most incredible intricate and stunningly decorated donuts (Pig ‘n’ Mix Junk Mail box) in milk, white and dark chocolate with a variety of toppings and sprinkles in all different colours. I also got (and these were possibly my favourite) chocolate coated biscuits. Biscuits and chocolate have to be two of my absolute favourite treats, but to have the two combined together is just the dream! Each came beautifully presented on a lollipop stick with brightly coloured toppings delicately arranged to perfection. And God do they taste good! I guess it was never in doubt really but they taste every bit as good as they look.. if not better!


If only all biscuits were this thick.. and pretty.. and sandwiched together with chocolate..!


I honestly couldn’t think of a more amazing present – I could see these selling out in any big department store and I could imagine people going absolutely crazy for them at Christmas, birthdays or for any occasion that requires a special gift for someone. And whilst I think they’d make a perfect gift, even if you don’t have a particular reason to buy a present for anyone then just order some for yourself or a friend as a mood booster – no matter how bad your day has been surely coming home to a brightly coloured package like this has to put a giant smile on your face.. and that’s before you start eating them!!


To top it all off, Tina, the incredibly talented woman behind The Happy Mail is honestly one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with on social media – I got speaking to her after messaging just to say how incredible her creations were and she is absolutely lovely – one of life’s true gems!


Please note this post isn’t sponsored in any way, Tina and her amazing products just really made my day and I wanted to spread the word and share her page with you so you can get an order in for yourself! 🙂


Link to their website:

Or check them out on Instagram @thehappymail


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