Truffle + Prosecco = Trufflesecco

See what they did there? Just when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s a bar dedicated to Prosecco and truffles. Not chocolate truffles, the gourmet “diamond of the kitchen” mushroom known best for it’s unique flavour and bizarre extraction process.



Ever since going to Rome last August both Marcus and I been absolutely obsessed with truffle. Before going to Italy I honestly don’t think I’d ever even tried truffle, or felt any desire to. I’d heard it was bloody expensive, I’d heard special pigs need to go searching for it, and my mum had once told me she paid an obscene amount for a few shavings on top of a dish. Being in Rome we had to try it though, and I’ll honestly never go back. One bite of a heavenly truffle pasta dish and I totally got it. Just the smallest drizzle of truffle oil and the tiniest shaving of truffle and the entire dish is transformed. I used to ask people what it tasted like and they replied simply “like truffle” and it’s true – it has such a distinctive and unparalleled taste that I can’t think of any other ingredient that could rival or replace it.




Admittedly it’s certainly not the most wallet-friendly of ingredients but even the a drop of truffle oil (which in turn is about 0.01% truffle if you check the ingredients of most bottles!) is enough to turn a simple bruschetta or some fresh pasta into the most heavenly of meals.



So imagine my excitement when I got the opportunity to sample some signature dishes at a bar and restaurant dedicated entirely to truffle! (Okay.. technically half dedicated, but unlike most people who probably visit, I was far more excited about the truffle than the prosecco!).



As soon as we arrived we were brought some of their delicious bar snacks. Truffle popcorn arrived spilling out of a silver teapot and God it was good. As soon as it was put on the table, we were instantly hit with the deliciously distinctive smell of truffle and if you think regular popcorn is addictive, wait until you try this! Other dishes were quick to follow and it wasn’t long before we barely even had space for any more plates on our table. The tables are pretty small; it’s not a million miles from little Italian cafes we visited – it reminded me of Roscioli, where we sat on a row of tables for two down one wall of the restaurant, with a deli counter opposite. Instead of a deli counter, opposite the tables is a bar area, with bottles of prosecco (in almost fifteen varieties!) neatly lined up on modern metal racks. Along the bar are stools and a flat wooden table and by the window are a few more seats. Not a large venue by any means, but it had a cosy yet lively feel to it.



Back to the food, which just got better and better. A bread basket of dreams came alongside white truffle oil, sea salt and balsamic for dipping. The bread was warm, soft and there were four different types – the focaccia was heavenly. Soft, creamy burrata was every bit as incredible as it looked; presented like a prize in a beautiful grey bowl, topped generously with a truffle-type caviar and truffle shavings.



A fresh-egg pasta dish was simplicity at its finest, dressed generously with truffle oil and delicately topped with shavings. Cooked al dente it had just the right amount of bite to it and despite being simple, every mouthful was so delicious that we actually ate slowly and savoured every bite (for once!).



Gnocchi with fresh truffle shavings, sage and butter sauce was a plate of delectable morsels of heaven – chewy, fresh and packed full of flavour, topped with Parmesan shavings sitting in a beautiful golden pool of butter. The Parmesan shavings brought a strong savoury flavour which complimented the truffle perfectly – the whole dish was like a giant comforting hug on a plate! The portions might not be huge but they don’t need to be – they’re just so satisfying and indulgent.



As well as pasta dishes (and the burrata which is an absolute must-order) they continue their perfect Italian theme with meat and cheese platters, caponata, a simple caprese, parmagiana and various other pasta dishes including (the slightly less Italian, but the dreamiest of all!) truffle mac and cheese! Desperate for ice cream in the hot weather, we headed back to Central London to get gelato (which they surprisingly don’t have any of) but they have a selection of hot drinks to go alongside macaroons, petit fours, a cheesecake and mini eclairs amongst other desserts.


Dedicating a bar to truffle and Prosecco may be a pretty niche market but it’s a concept as well thought out as it is unique and as the first of its kind in London I hope it’s as successful as it deserves to be!

Link to their website:


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