Coconut Collaborative

As a dessert-lover with a huge sweet tooth, I always love trying new products and I’m so grateful for the free samples that I get sent, particularly when it’s products that I might not otherwise spot or have the chance to try. I absolutely love coconut – coconut itself, coconut milk, coconut cream and all things coconut flavoured (ok.. except for coconut water – I can’t stand the stuff!) so when Coconut Collaborative added a new lemon pot to their dessert range I couldn’t wait to try it!

Created by the mastermind behind Gu puddings, I had high expectations – anyone who’s tried any (or all!) of the Gu pudding range know how incredible they are!

These little coconut desserts are made with coconut cream and lemon juice and join the Mini Choc Pots (which I also had a chance to try) and Rice Pudding in The Coconut Collaborative dessert collection. For anyone with intolerances they’re also free from dairy, soya and gluten.


They come in cute little pots – they’re only tiny (I have to admit even a couple are a small snack!) but what they lack in size they certainly make up for in flavour! They’re rich, creamy and I love the coconut flavour coming through. They’re a beautifully pale colour (rather than some brightly coloured artificial yellow!), the zing of the lemon complements the coconut perfectly and it’s such a light, fresh, summery flavour. As well as eating some straight out of the pot, I thought they made a great base to my dessert bowls 🙂


Despite being a chocolate lover I was expecting to much prefer the lemon flavour – but the chocolate flavour won hands down for me. Usually I think that fruity flavours would go better with coconut than chocolate would but this chocolate pot is so incredibly rich, creamy and indulgent it was hard to believe it’s dairy free – for anyone who’s dairy intolerant, if you think you’re missing out on creamy desserts then this chocolate pot is most definitely the answer!! It was so thick with a deep, chocolate flavour – Marcus usually stays well clear of ‘healthier’ alternatives but he too absolutely loved this pot!

‘Little Lemon Temptations’ (RRP. £2.50, pack of four) launched in April and are available from Tesco and For more information visit: for more information or follow @coconutcollab


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