Tilda – #RiceToTheChallenge

Recently tilda sent me some of their ready-to-eat rice packs to review in line with their recent social media campaign, #RiceToTheChallenge. For me it wasn’t so much a “new product review” and more of a chance to just promote products that I think are great as I absolutely love these rice packs – I’ve been buying them for as long as I can remember!


Funnily enough I hated rice as a kid (and I still dislike a lot of Asian food to this day!) but since discovering a love for cooking when I moved into my own flat after university I started to really like it and now I eat it all the time! I used to see it as a plain and boring ingredient but I absolutely love creating dishes with it now – the range of flavours available in the Tilda range are testament to how versatile it is! As many of you know I work crazy hours and often don’t have time to cook but these packs are just so perfect – they’re quick, convenient, portable and taste so good! I love the huge range of flavours that they have and the new carribean rice & peas flavour (which was launched as a result of their last social media campaign!)  is probably one of my favourites!



Whilst I love the classics – I think the simple brown basmati and wild rice mix and the pilau rice are two of my favourites! – I love that they continue to bring out new flavours 🙂

They’re currently running a campaign where you get to design your own flavour, with the winner getting £1000, an exclusive flavour creation exerpeice at the Tilda kitchens and a chance to see their flavour made a reality! To enter simply follow this link:


Entry closes tomorrow at 5pm – good luck! 🙂

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