Top Golf – menu tasting

Last Friday I was invited down to Topgolf to try out their new menu. This was my second visit to Topgolf, and this time it was all about food! I absolutely loved the experience the first time round – it’s such an awesome concept and I had so much fun (you can read more about my experience here) so I couldn’t wait to go back for a second time and see what new dishes they had to offer 🙂

Their menu is American-diner style food – burgers, hot dogs, fries and big sharing platters – the perfect food for sharing with friends, family or colleagues on a social either before, during or after you play Topgolf.


The last time we’d visited we’d eaten our food whilst playing, so it was brought to our bay, but this time we sat at a proper table in their restaurant area, where there are a mix of tables and sofas, where you can watch others playing golf or watch Sky Sports on their huge screen.


They have a whole section of the menu for ‘sharing’ which includes nachos and other sharing platters, a ‘baskets and bowls’ section, burgers, hot dogs, sides and some seriously epic desserts!


For starters we decided to go for a couple of the sharing items. The nachos caught my eye – how can you go wrong with nachos!? – but I also wanted to try the loaded tater totts (I’ve never had tater totts before and I was intrigued!) so the waitress suggested getting both. After seeing a few nacho platters come out (they were definitely a popular choice!) I was a little reluctant at first – they were huge!! – but of course we ended up doing it anyway.


Whilst my tastes are a lot more refined now than they were, and I’m definitely more about quality and less about quantity, there’s no denying that I still absolutely love good old soul food.. and sometimes there’s nothing I want more than to be presented with mountains of comfort food. The greedy little child in front of me was delighted when our food started coming out and the worlds biggest tray of nachos was put down in front of us, loaded with cheese, queso sauce, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and jalapeños. Okay the pulled chicken wasn’t the most generous of toppings but I was so excited about the sheer volume of food that I’d forgotten we’d asked to add it anyway!



My first experience of tater totts was definitely a good one! The absolute epitome of all things American, they were fluffy, soft fried potato pieces smothered in cheese, cheese sauce and bacon (obviously – when does an American dish not contain bacon!?).



For our mains we both fancied burgers. So naturally, why not go for the biggest ones!? Their double smokehouse comes piled high with two beef pattys, double bacon double and cheese and although it could have been cooked more rare, it was incredibly tasty and the quality of the meat was surprisingly good. I also wanted to try the skewers and the king prawns from the ‘baskets and bowls’ part of their menu. The skewers were my favourite part of the meal, served with the most flavour-packed “dirty rice” and a red cabbage and green pepper slaw, and the prawns came butterflied, still in their shells on a bed of rocket – so good! All of their dishes came on rectangular plates or metal trays/baskets – credit to a place that can present fast food that beautifully!


The burgers came with fries, and you can upgrade to tater totts or sweet potato fries, though looking back at the menu now I’m a bit disappointed that I managed to miss chilli cheese fries when we ordered! (Not that we didn’t have more than enough food!!)


Then it was onto desserts. Dessert and my insatiable sweet tooth! There’s no doubt that American-style desserts are the best and I was so excited! Chocolate lava cookie was undoubtedly first on the list for me – cookies are possibly one of my favourite sweet treats! Combine a warm cookie with ice cream AND a molten chocolate centre and it’s just impossible to go wrong!



Me being me though, I can’t see the word “colossal” in front of a dessert and not get it. So colossal ice cream sundae it was – vanilla ice cream, brownies, Oreos, marshmallows, chocolate crispies, strawberries, salted caramel sauce, chocolate chunks and whipped cream. When it came I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was the biggest dessert I have ever seen. And that’s really saying something! Finally a dessert that would leave me satisfied and not wanting to order 10 more! I won’t lie, it wasn’t perfect – I wasn’t a huge fan of the chocolate crispies and I’d have preferred whippy ice cream as I love soft serve in a sundae – but when presented with a dessert this big and this tasty it was hard to care and it was demolished in minutes!




In my opinion their menu is perfect for the type of place Topgolf is – it’s exactly what people want when they’re out socialising whether it be for food, drinks, to play golf, or even just relax! They don’t try to overcomplicate it, they give people what they want and there’s a range of meals and sharing platters so there’s something for everyone. They brought out a staggering number of burgers while we were there and the waiters and waitresses looked rushed off their feet.


We couldn’t believe how busy it was – the place was quite literally packed to the rafters but it’s easy to see why. They offer great food, have a big bar serving everything from freakshakes to cocktails and offer an incredibly fun social activity that’s suitable for people of all ages – there were young kids there as well as huge groups of friends and older couples too. Music comes on later in the evening and it’s such a lovely atmosphere – queues were out the door at some points and apparently you can wait up to two hours to play at peak times! Good job there’s an awesome range of food to eat while you’re waiting.. 😀

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