The Catch

It’s not often that I blog about places in Yorkshire. I’m lucky enough to have eaten at more restaurants and pubs than I can begin to count, as Marcus’ parents don’t cook (besides pie and chips and the odd roast dinner!) so every time we go up North we’re guaranteed to be taken out for dinner, but generally we end up at local pubs which are lovely, but very few stand out enough for me to feel it warrants a post.

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Union Coffee

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an absolute coffee fanatic! It’s hard to believe that when I first started work I didn’t like the taste of it – I’d drink Starbucks (I know – don’t judge me!!) with as much milk and sugar as possible to make it bearable and keep me awake – how times have changed! Now I like it seriously strong, and I’ve definitely turned into a bit of a coffee snob – I love independent coffee places but despite wanting to support them I genuinely much prefer the taste.. I actually can’t believe I used to like Starbucks coffee!

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Hotel Cafe Royal

Social media is incredible isn’t it? It has the power to influence millions of people, spread messages instantly across the globe and to connect communities of likeminded individuals. Yet there are so many negatives. I’ll put my hand up and say I’ve used it many a time to compare my worst parts to everyone else’s highlights. I’m regularly open about the fact that despite feeling like I have a great balance there are times when I’ll feel sick and bloated from overeating and I’ll see someone floating around in a beautiful bikini on a stunning beach with a green juice surrounded by a flock of unicorns having done a 10k run and yes, depending on my mood it may make me feel like crap!

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I don’t know about you but all of my favourite childhood memories seem to relate to food, whether it was family roast dinners, Tuesday night fish and chips (yes I know it’s a random night – it was the night when both of my parents worked late!) or begging my mum to take us to McDonalds on the way home from training, but my favourite memories are of the snacks we used to eat as kids. Who remembers going down to the corner shop (when pretty much everything was 10p, and 1p sweets were actually 1p – I know, I sound so old!), excited to pick out snacks with the 20p you’d begged your parents for!? As a child I actually had far more of a savoury than a sweet tooth and I got through crisps like they were going out of fashion! Some of my favourites included Pom Bears, Monster Munch, Hula Hoops and Wheat Crunchies.. then I met Marcus who was Quavers and Wotsits obsessed!

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