London Cocktail Week with Discover Kale

To celebrate London Cocktail Week (2nd– 8th October 2017) Discover Kale offered to send me a cocktail making kit. I love kale (controversial perhaps but I genuinely do love it!) and I love cocktails (they’re one of few alcoholic drinks I ever have!) but I wasn’t sure I could see any connection between the two! Nevertheless I agreed – I’ve never tried to make my own cocktails before and was excited to try! – and was sent a champagne saucer (I had no idea what it was before I read the blogger’s brief!), a metal cocktail shaker and a bottle of Pin Gin – Lincolshire’s premier gin created by Bottomley Distillers.


Although I love ordering cocktails when I’m out, I’ve never given much thought as to what goes into them – I am clueless when it comes to alcohol. I’m sure without realising I’ve had plenty of cocktails containing gin, but I have no idea what they were called or what was in them – I didn’t even know that it was gin that’s in martinis, possibly one of the most famous cocktails of all time! Usually I either use the (surprisingly effective) method of picking a cocktail with a pretty name, or I just pick one based on which has either my favourite fruits or the most intriguing sounding list of ingredients! Without a clue what I was going to put into my cocktail (or how much of the gin I should be adding!?) I took to the supermarkets to try and come up with something creative!


Much as I love kale, I definitely wasn’t feeling adventurous enough to try and put any into a cocktail! Knowing nothing about any type of alcohol, or what goes best with gin, I decided to just pick some fruits and flavours that I personally like and hope for the best! I love pretty much all fruity flavours, with berries probably being my favourites and I’m obsessed with ginger! I feel like a cocktail isn’t complete without at least a mention of a citrus fruit of some description, so I eventually picked up a lime, some ginger (which I then promptly picked up in favour of ginger beer – for once I decided not to make life hard for myself!) and some frozen raspberries. I planned to add honey and brown sugar too but I already had both of those at home in the cupboard.

I tried (and failed) to cut a pretty lime wedge but I did manage to make a sugared rim for the cocktail glass by simply putting a thin layer of brown sugar in a bowl, dipping the rim of the glass in honey and then into the brown sugar! For the cocktail itself I wanted to make a raspberry coulis and I think frozen raspberries work best for that, as they melt down nicely in the microwave in under a minute! I put the mixture through a sieve as I didn’t want all of the seeds in my cocktail, added a touch of honey for sweetness, then topped up with ginger beer, a squeeze of lime juice and the Pin Gin.

No one likes a warm cocktail, and I’d stupidly forgotten to put the ginger beer in the fridge, but thankfully with some ice and the cocktail shaker (my first attempt at ever having used one!) I managed to make it ice-cold without any spillages (almost a miracle for me!).


We strangely seem to have a national day for everything nowadays, but I’ve been told that this Wednesday is actually National Kale Day too. I know kale often gets a reputation for being obnoxiously healthy and I know a lot of people who aren’t a fan, but I personally love it, whether it’s just dressed in a salad or incorporated into a dish. Marcus doesn’t really like it though, but he loved this meal that I made a while ago so I thought I would use National Kale Day (which is tomorrow apparently!) as an excuse to blow my own trumpet and post a picture of a cheesy kale, sausage and bacon pasta bake! 🙂 If you’re looking to get creative with kale or would like some recipe inspiration then Discover Kale have plenty of meal and snack ideas on their website!


Link to their website:

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