Watch out Duck & Waffle.. you’ve got competition!

I thought Duck & Waffle had everything – great food, good service and stunning views.. but what if you could have all of that and the brunch was bottomless!? There are many bottomless brunches in London, but most of them (unfortunately for me!) are bottomless drinks. And let’s be honest – it’s the food I’m interested in.

At Oblix though, for a very reasonable £55 per head you can get bottomless brunch – with an incredible buffet of starters and desserts, and a main course and side dish cooked fresh to order. Add just £10 (I wasn’t bothered – I was more than happy with the unlimited tea and coffee that comes with the standard option!) and you can get unlimited wine! I’m no wine drinker (in fact I can’t stand the stuff!) but even I know that’s a seriously good deal!


Despite being hundreds of miles away on my birthday, my husband (it still feels weird to say it!) had managed to plan the most perfect of birthday brunches for me. I was so disappointed that he couldn’t be there – whilst there’s no denying that I love food, it’s always that bit nicer when there’s someone there with an equally big appetite to enjoy it with you. Obviously in my case that’s difficult – he is quite literally the only person I know who eats as much as me – but once I saw all of the food it was impossible to be anything but excited.. I couldn’t have hoped for a better place to spend my birthday!




We were lucky enough to get a window seat with a stunning view.. which was also conveniently located two steps from the buffet! As soon as we walked in we were given a copy of their menu, where all of the starters and desserts are listed, with the main courses in the middle. You can order your mains straight away, but they don’t bring them until you tell them that you’re ready, so you have plenty of time to sample everything on offer at the buffet first. (Having said that, in our case I just told them to bring our mains because otherwise we’d never get round to eating them – I just kept going back for more and more!).



The buffet was incredible. As I’ve said many times before, as I’ve grown up I’ve become far more about the quality than the quantity. Of course there’s no denying that I still eat for a family, but I’m less likely to choose all-you-can-eat type buffets now, as I feel that the quality is often lacking. The food here was absolutely incredible though. I tried every single item on both the starter and the dessert buffet and I can honestly say that everything (okay everything except the sausage roll!) was done to perfection. I even heard one of the managers telling the waiters that they couldn’t leave the devilled eggs out for any substantial time period in case the filling went crusty on the outside!


I couldn’t believe the range of dishes on offer. They had huge meat and cheese boards, over five different types of bread (including soft ciabatta, sourdough and the most heavenly flatbread – hallelujah!), hummus, olives, babaganoush, smoked salmon, cured mackerel, grilled aubergine topped with mint yogurt and pomegranate, gourmet sausage rolls and the cutest little cheese and spinach tarts which had the most perfectly crisp pastry. The devilled eggs came with a delicate truffle shaving on top, there were the most perfect bruschettas topped with artichoke puree, parma ham, olives and sundried tomatoes.

And then there were the salads. Where to start with the salads!? Each one was more perfect than the last – I took heaping spoonfuls of them all and still kept going back for more – I would’ve been happy without a main course to be honest! Even the simplest of salads – tomato and mozzarella – was perfect. There were about five different types of beautifully multi-coloured heritage tomatoes, with creamy mozzarella and vibrant green pesto. My personal favourites were probably orzo pasta with asparagus peas and halloumi and a butternut squash, quinoa, kale and goats cheese salad – the dream!



After all of that we still had a main to choose! I didn’t know what to pick, not that it mattered since the buffet was so incredible that it was impossible to be disappointed anyway! Every single main dish I saw coming out looked incredible! Usually I’d opt for smoked salmon but there was plenty of that on the buffet. Eventually I decided to stray from my standard poached eggs and avocado toast in favour of the grilled lobster with garlic butter! Knowing I’d get to finish off my mum’s too I was excited when she went for the chorizo tortilla & quail eggs with sauerkraut, saffron hollandaise and king crab. I don’t like chorizo but that just came on the side, so it was perfect! The tortilla was like a giant pancake and it came with three cute fried quails eggs on top. My lobster was perfect – and for half a lobster there was a generous amount of meat too!




My dad chose the grilled rib-eye steak which came with a fried egg and hashbrowns. That seemed like a popular option.. and the hashbrown was done to perfection – golden brown and crispy on the outside and fluffy and soft on the inside! I also saw their eggs royale come out looking beautiful – you can’t go wrong with a breakfast classic but I’m glad I chose something slightly different! They also have a truffled ricotta and pancetta omelette which I’d definitely be tempted by if I went back a second time (if.. when :P). For those after something slightly less breakfast-y they also have a burger and chips and a fish cake on their menu!


There are only three sides – but could you wish for any more when there’s truffled mac and cheese and triple cooked chips on the menu!? The chips were absolutely heavenly – incredibly crispy and yet so soft and fluffy on the inside. Delicious as they were though, I wasn’t even bothered about ordering a second portion – there was just so much other good food on offer!


By the time I’d made my way through mountains of savoury stuff I was already feeling seriously full, but we all know dessert is where my true loyalties lie! But before I could even head over to the buffet I was presented with a plate of mini magnums and a mini candle as a gesture for my birthday – so cute!



I actually couldn’t remember the last time I’d had a magnum, and I was quickly reminded of how much I love them – they lasted about five seconds! We ordered tea and coffee and then the dessert devouring began.. I think my parents were horrified! They’ve probably never seen me in full flow and I quite clearly was not going to leave any dessert untried! Piled up on the counter were mini cheesecakes, homemade tiramisu, chocolate & pear choux buns, sea buckthorn meringue tarts, pumpkin cakes, mini chocolate slices, paris brests, mocha choux buns, a frangipane tart, meringues with Chantilly cream and fruit compote, fruit salad and lemon & poppyseed cake. In all honesty I’m not a huge fan of choux pastry or tiramisu, but I was determined to give everything a go! Except the fruit salad.. I do love fruit, but at an all you can eat buffet, ain’t nobody got time to waste precious stomach space – am I right!?





I can honestly say that everything was incredible. Even desserts like tiramisu that I wouldn’t normally ever choose were good, and the desserts which I do like were incredible. The frangipane tart was heavenly – crisp pastry, soft sponge and a delicious glaze. The lemon cake was pillow-soft and the pumpkin cake was so beautifully spiced (too strongly for my parents, but I loved it!). The mini chocolate slices were almost pure ganache – rich, indulgent and just so good. Whilst I don’t really like choux pastry, the fillings were perfect – a sweet hazelnut cream in the paris brest was my favourite.



Over three hours later (and despite being told our table would only be reserved for two hours) and I was still going strong, much to my delight (and my parents’ horror!).


All in all it was honestly hard to find fault with this place. To have an all you can eat buffet where the standard is this good must be tough to find. Pair that with stunning views of London, unlimited alcohol (if you want it) and incredibly good service and it’s somewhere that would be seriously hard to overlook if you’re looking for a brunch for a special occasion!

A few of you mentioned that you couldn’t find the link online, so I’ve put the direct link below where you can see menus and make a reservation – this brunch is available on Saturday and Sunday from 12-2.30pm!


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