my Cookie Dough

When cookie dough is done well, it’s hard to imagine a more perfect treat! I am a self-proclaimed cookie monster – along with cakes they’re probably my favourite baked item – and usually my first choice from any supermarket bakery (unless I’m at Morrisons in which case their incredible donuts always seem to find their way into my trolley!).


My Cookie Dough pretty much do my perfect cookie dessert! Warm, crispy on top, gooey and soft in the middle and packed full of chocolate with a generous helping of ice cream on the side. Previously only based in Leeds, Cardiff and Birmingham I’d seen so many pictures of their incredible cookies on social media, and I’d repeatedly wondered how or why my sister (who’s at uni in Birmingham) hadn’t made it down there yet – sadly for me on family occasions I am most definitely the only one that gets this excited about good food!


Safe to say that our first trip down there did not go to plan.. we’d just finished an early dinner and were about to head to My Cookie Dough when we heard a series of gun shots followed by screaming, crying and before we knew it the whole of Westfield was evacuated. It seemed that nothing really came of it – we never found out the true story! – but the very next weekend we went back down to try again, thankfully with a lot more success! As if you couldn’t have already guessed purely by pictures alone, it was worth every second of that wait!



Their menu is insane – every dessert lover’s dream! Their flavours include:

  • Milk chocolate
  • Triple chocolate brownie
  • White chocolate raspberry
  • Fudge & honeycomb
  • Oreo
  • Salted caramel brownie
  • Coconut chocolate
  • Caramel & white chocolate

Plus specials which were red velvet, PB & Chocolate, Biscoff and Nutella when we went.. in other words, every incredible cookie flavour you could dream of and more! They also do milkshakes which both sound and look amazing too. I had the opportunity to try a bit of one and it was good but I’ve said before that I’m all about the food – I can appreciate a good milkshake, and Marcus and many of my friends love them, but I really do just love the texture of a soft baked cookie!


They also have ‘clouds’ – candy floss clouds with fresh ice cream and cookie dough. Much as candy floss brings back many happy memories of fairgrounds and seaside trips from when I was younger, the sad reality is that now I’m old and boring I find it to be a bit of a sticky mess so I must admit that I don’t usually bother with it, even if it is a great novelty addition!


Anyway back to the cookies, and what they’re really about. They really are perfect. Gooey and soft in the middle, bursting with filling and generously topped with Nutella too. There’s an option (not optional let’s be honest!) to add extra ice cream for just 50p too – running out of ice cream with an otherwise great dessert is something that really winds me up – thankfully they’ve thought of that!


It was pretty tough to decide on one, so naturally we got.. five! When there’s an option which combines a cookie, a brownie, Oreos and Nutella it’s an absolute no brainer, and we knew that we both had to get one or there’d be some serious food envy going on but I really wanted to try some of their other flavours too! Eventually we settled on red velvet, oreo and salted caramel – not that there’s really such a thing as a bad choice at this place!

The ‘slutty brownie’ was every bit as insane as you’d imagine it to be. Warm, chocolate chip cookie dough topped with a gooey, fudgy brownie and an absolute mountain of nutella! The Oreo was good (obviously!) but surprisingly I think I preferred the red velvet – it was soft and sweet with a beautiful white chocolate topping!



For anyone who shares my love of cookies, you really, really have to make the effort to go here – trust me you will not regret it! I frequently rave about Ben’s (and despite Levain ruining all future cookies for me I still maintain that they’re some of the best cookies London has to offer!) but My Cookie Dough is like Ben’s taken to a whole new level! All those times I went to Ben’s and asked for the freshest cookies, praying they were warm and still melty and gooey in the middle – this is essentially that guaranteed. In a larger portion. With ice cream.


What’s more they’ve just launched a new Christmas flavour and a Winter menu!! What better way to get in the festive spirit than a mountain of cookie dough!? Their Winter menu includes Kinder (an absolute winner in my eyes – if you don’t like Kinder chocolate then I’m sorry we can’t be friends!), Snickers (sad times for me, but I can most definitely appreciate the appeal!), Birthday Cake (coz.. sprinkles!) and Billionaire (absolute classic Christmas!) flavours, as well as their ‘Movie Night’ cookie dough which is truly incredible, featuring layered original milk chocolate and red velvet cookie dough, heaped with all the essentials cinema-goers love: M&M’s, pretzels, Nutella and caramel popcorn and ice cream – what more could you want!?


I’m a firm believer that you most definitely do not need an excuse to eat good food, but if you really must justify it then 1) It’s cookie dough, 2) It’s Christmas, 3) It’s cookie dough, 4) They have an insanely good limited edition Winter menu and 5) (you guessed it..) It’s cookie dough!!


If you’re sad about the lack of My Cookie Dough in your city, rumour has it they have 6 more stores currently under development including Manchester and Bristol.. and their aim is to have a store in all UK major cities by 2019! In the mean time though.. I suggest you get booking your trains to London, Leeds, Cardiff or Birmingham 😉

Link to their website:

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