Taste Film presents Saturday Night Fever

Last month I was lucky enough to be able to take my sister to another one of Taste Film’s events. After an incredible evening at Hook (which you can read all about here), I had no doubt that she’d enjoy it and I couldn’t wait to go down again!

The film was ‘Saturday Night Fever’ – once again another classic that I was apparently the only one not to have seen! (My sister hadn’t seen it either – clearly poor film knowledge runs in the family!). The event was held at Paradise by Way of Kensal Green, just round the corner from Parlour (where Hook was shown). As soon as we arrived we were welcomed in by the Taste Film Director Amy, who was friendly as ever! There were two long benches rather than rows, but other than that the set up was similar, with a big screen at the front, big jugs of water to help yourself to and pretty candles lining the tables so that it was dark enough to appreciate the film, but bright enough so that you could see your food!



Just two minutes into the film, the first course was served. I don’t know about you but that seems like pretty perfect timing to me! I seem to spend a disproportionate amount of time eyeing up other people’s plates of food in restaurants, wondering when mine is going to turn up. As a food lover, clearly Amy has thought of this – as soon as the film starts there’s food to stop the inevitable distraction of glancing round the restaurant wondering when the first course is coming! As with Hook, the courses try to match up to the film as best as possible, and conveniently for us, John Travolta is tucking into pepperoni pizza – so we did too! The pizza was everything you want on a Friday night – my sister and I both agreed that while it obviously wasn’t the best pizza we’d ever eaten, something about it was just so perfect. It had a thick, deep-pan type crust and was generously topped with cheese and pepperoni.. the ultimate cinema food! Plus if there’s anything better than pizza, it’s double stacked pizza!


20 minutes in we were given a cocktail. It was strong but nice (and that’s coming from someone who generally doesn’t like the taste of alcohol!), plus for all the drinkers I think it was a lovely touch that a drink was included.


Our next course was served as John Travolta is sitting in a coffee shop with his date. No food envy here, as we were served up burgers that put his to shame! There were two options, both of which were heavenly – a beef burger with American Swiss Cheese and fries and a cornflake crusted goats cheese burger with sweet potato and guacamole.. have you ever heard of a more appealing veggie burger!? The beef burger was seriously good, but the veggie burger was seriously something else! A huge slab of goats cheese in a crispy coating with sweet potato and avocado – pretty much all my favourite things in a burger. Sadly for me my stomach doesn’t seem to get on that well with goats cheese, but thankfully my sister was there to share hers with me so I could appreciate how amazing it was without giving myself stomach ache for the rest of the evening!





Next up was dessert, a New York cheesecake with mixed berry compote. When it arrived I didn’t expect much – it was served in a glass almost like a parfait and it was difficult to see the layers in the low light. I was in for a huge surprise when I dug in though.. maybe I was biased by the feel good music of the film, but it was honestly one of the best I’ve had. Granted it was far from the prettiest but the cheesecake layer was so thick and creamy. It was a no-bake style cheesecake (my favourite!) and to my surprise in the middle of the glass the biscuit layer was so thick it was almost 50/50 – the perfect ratio in my opinion 😉 Combined with a compote that was both sweet and tart from the berries, it was the perfect end to another great meal. And luckily for me my sister found it a little too rich.. human dustbin to the rescue as always 😉



Last but not least, as the dance off takes place we were given a shot, to kick off the after party held in the same place after the film had finished.



A controversial opinion perhaps but both my sister and I agreed that we weren’t as blown away by the film as we were expecting based on everyone else’s reviews and the general hype around it.. it almost felt like nothing really happened! In fact we both admitted that we might even have turned it off had we been at home. So it really is true testament to how amazing the whole Taste Film experience is that we both had an absolutely incredible evening – the food made the film captivating until the end, but equally it was so easy watching that I didn’t feel like I was missing out on something captivating if I had my face stuck in my burger (or in that heavenly cheesecake..). So if you also love the film, then you’ll have an even better evening! The food, like the first time was a perfect fit for the film, and the ultimate Friday night comfort food – a good menu, simple enough to suit everyone and done so well. Another incredible night and the second of what I hope will be many more! 



For anyone looking for last minute Christmas presents, there’s no doubt that this is the perfect gift for food and film lovers alike! With upcoming showings of ‘Julie and Julia’ – the ultimate film for foodies, and I’ll be there so come along and say hi! – on January 21st, a Valentine’s special (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) on Wednesday 14th February and ‘Pretty Woman’ on Friday 16th February there’s plenty to choose from, or if you’d like to give your lucky recipient their own choice of film/date there are gift vouchers available through their website at www.tastefilm.co.uk.


Photo credits to Paradise by way of Kensal Green – it’s not hard to tell which photos are mine and which are thanks to them!

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