Caco & Co

Carbs. My one true food love. Who doesn’t love freshly baked bread, steaming hot from the oven, pillow soft inside and slathered with butter? I’m sorry if you don’t then we just can’t be friends. Little did I know when I turned up to the Cacoco restaurant launch event that I would be surrounded by mountains of soft bread rolls – absolute food heaven.

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Wolf Italian Restaurant

“In Italy, food is king.”

It is in our household too.. I knew there was a reason Italian was my favourite cuisine 😉 Wolf is a neighbourhood restaurant in Stoke Newington that celebrates authentic Italian food – and the Italian way of eating. Using the finest local and speciality Italian ingredients, they create seasonal, regional dishes that hail from all corners of the country. As well as good food, they offer an all-Italian wine list, cocktails made with home-infused spirits and freshly ground Italian coffee.

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Harry Ramsden’s brings Great British Seaside Dining to the Kitchen Table

Much as we Brits like to take other cuisines, modify them and pass them off as our own, there are a few things we’re well known for – roast dinners, afternoon tea and a hearty portion of fish and chips to name a few!

World famous for fish and chips, Harry Ramsden has been serving the traditional favourite for almost 90 years.  Proud of its heritage, Harry Ramsden still closely guards the secret recipe of Harry’s famous batter which is freshly mixed every day to ensure the consistency is just right to complement their MSC certified fish fillets.

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Tuk Tuk Chai

Who doesn’t love chai!? I remember years ago when I first discovered the wonder of chai lattes in coffee shops – the combination of sweet, aromatic spices made it my favourite hot drink long before I discovered coffee! I know I’m not the only cinnamon lover around, and the combination of that with the other flavours and creamy milk with a hint of sugar is just perfect in my opinion! Clearly I’m not the only one as I’m pretty sure chai lattes are available in most coffee shop chains (as well as a ton of independent coffee shops) all year round!

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My favourite 2017 food finds!

A question I get asked all too frequently is ‘what’s your favourite place to eat in London’ and I’m afraid I simply just can’t answer that! There are SO many incredible places to eat in London to suit all preferences and depending on my mood I can be craving anything from a giant pizza, an ice cream sundae bigger than my head or the most incredible hummus and falafel salad from Chickpea.

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