In a City where you can get every type of food your heart desires, from the most luxurious fine dining experiences at world-famous hotels to tiny little street food stalls churning out grilled cheese toasties faster than you can say ‘raclette’ it can be so difficult to find the best restaurants, and to allow smaller, less renowned eateries to pass under the radar while sub-par places take all of the limelight.

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Jaz & Juls

Bottomless chocolate brunch – were more beautiful words ever spoken!?

Okay before you get too excited, like most ‘bottomless brunches’, it is the drinks (and not the food!) that’s bottomless – can you imagine having bottomless chocolate!? That said, their drinks do include an array of the most heavenly hot chocolates in every flavour you could dream of. And for a very reasonable £20, you can get two dishes, a side and unlimited amounts of their delightful hot chocolate creations, plus teas, coffees and other soft drinks.. or for an extra £15 you can get bottomless prosecco too – though unsurprisingly I opted for the former option – there’s only so much liquid I can drink in two hours and you can bet every millilitre of it was going to be chocolate-based!

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At a time where everyone in the developed world seems to be leaning ever more towards a plant based diet, I’m not afraid to admit that I love a good steak. That wasn’t always the case – I never used to like it when I was younger – and despite loving steak, I don’t think my parents have ever been to a steak restaurant (so obviously I never went as a kid!), under the impression that they’re just so overpriced and simply not worth the money.

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Mamma Dough

So this year National Pizza Day falls on the 9th February and obviously I can’t wait – a two day celebration dedicated to one of my favourite foods! There’s a preview party with Street Feast on Thursday evening before the main event on Friday 9th, where a ton of London’s best independent pizza places including Pizza Pilgrims, Voodoo Rays and Radio Alice will be appearing alongside nationwide chains. There are some incredible sounding collaborations, there’s going to be a gelato pizza cake (have you ever heard of a more wonderful sounding thing!?) and Mamma Dough are serving up an incredible three course pizza dinner especially for the occasion.

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Gramercy Tavern

First Christmas as a married woman down, and I can’t believe it’s already been over 6 months since we got back from our honeymoon! Apologies for another very belated blog post, but one I’ve been meaning to finish this post for months – it was the only ‘fancy’ meal we had in NYC so I can’t compare it to other well known restaurants but we loved it and it’s most definitely somewhere I’d recommend!

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