When you think of Mexican food, pancakes is probably one of the last things that springs to mind, but if you’re looking for some of the best brunch pancakes I’ve had for a long time then head to Corazón in Soho.



A tiny spot amongst all of the wonderful eateries in Soho, Corazón is a Mexican restaurant offering an inventive and flavourful menu served in a casual environment inspired by vintage Mexico and California. Alongside lunch, dinner and weekend brunch they have a wonderful bar where they make their own signature margarita mix from scratch as well as prepping fresh aguas frescas, horchata and sangrita every morning.




They open at 11am on weekends and we were the first ones there, but it filled up quickly and it wasn’t long before there were no tables or even bar seats left. They have a sharing-style menu with ‘snacks’, tacos (which come in twos, but there’s the option to pay slightly more for a third which is perfect if you’re in a group of three – trust me you won’t want to be sharing!), tostadas, large plates and sides.


As always I chose to go for brunch, and particularly here I think it’s the best choice as you get the best of both worlds! They have a huge range of tacos from their lunch and dinner menu available, as well as extras (such as their bacon and egg breakfast tacos!) and these heavenly buttermilk cornmeal pancakes which you simply cannot miss out on! Soft, thick and fluffy, they’re served simply with caramelised banana, toasted pecans, whipped cream and an all important jug of maple syrup!



As well as these heavenly pancakes you can also get desserts from their normal all day menu, which naturally we did! Not one for flan the decision was easy – a cinnamon chocolate cake, which was deliciously fudgy and rich, with a thin crumble-type crust. Unlike many disappointingly named dishes, there was more than just a subtle hint of cinnamon, and it was served with a slightly sour cream dusted with cinnamon, which was the perfect accompaniment to a wonderfully dense cake.


When it comes to choosing tacos you’ll be completely torn for choice, but if the ones we chose were anything to go by you won’t be disappointed whatever you order! The slow cooked pork belly was melt in the mouth soft, marinated beautifully (in what the menu says is a mix of orange juice, oregano, cinnamon and garlic!), their take on fish tacos is huge chunks of fish in deliciously golden brown batter and their breakfast taco features fried eggs, bacon and burger cheese! Even their veggie taco is incredible – piled high with creamy butternut squash, wild mushrooms, crispy chestnuts and queso fresco.


With there being so much to choose from it may be easy to overlook the ‘botanas’ (snacks) but their tostadas are absolutely delicious! My personal favourite was the ‘contramar tostada’ – marinated yellowfin tuna, chipotle mayo, crispy leeks and avocado. It may not look like anything to write home about, but the tostada was perfectly crispy and the tuna was incredibly light and fresh – I could’ve eaten them ten times over



The final section on their menu is the sides, and tempted as we were by the grilled sweetcorn and drunken black beans, we opted for the breakfast hash – fried potatoes, green peppers, caramelised onions, chipotle and sour cream. Served in a sizzling hot skillet the dish was absolutely packed full of flavour, but be warned – for spice amateurs like us we found it pretty spicy.. good job they have dreamy iced coffees and bottomless brunch cocktails to wash it all down!


Link to their website:




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