London’s best burgers

Who doesn’t love burgers!? Tender, juicy meat sandwiched in a soft bun served with mountains of crispy fries – what’s not to love!? And whether you’re all about the patty itself or more concerned about the additions and sides London most definitely has you covered!

I’ve posted about some of my favourites to date but on my quest to find the best burger in London I’ve certainly eaten my fair share of other burgers.. here are some of the best of the rest 🙂

My favourite ever one: As one of the first burgers I had in London, Lucky Chip will always have a special place in my heart. I first tried it at the lovely little Netil Market, but they’ve since opened proper restaurants so you can enjoy all of the taste without the near-impossible task of balancing fries and a drink whilst unwrapping and eating a burger one-handed! Read the full review here.


The simple one: At Patty & Bun you can expect good food, fast – a soft brioche bun, simple fillings and quick service, you’ll be in and out before you can say “medium done”. My staple order is Ari Gold – trust me when I say it’ll ruin all future cheeseburgers for you! They get pretty busy but there are a lot of them dotted around London and the turnaround is fast (so expect to feel the need to leave as soon as you’ve finished eating, or risk death stares from the queue outside!). Their fries have rosemary salt on them, which I’d rather wasn’t there but the burgers themselves are incredible!


The one with all the sides: For the complete burger-bar experience Stokey Bears is the place to go! A mix of benches and booths, a relaxed atmosphere, incredible burgers with all toppings you could want and sides from heaven – mac and cheese balls, chilli cheese fries, wings…. they even have grilled cheese!! Read the full review here.



The giant one: the devastator burger at Red Dog Saloon. If you fancy an eating challenge, this has to be the one! I’ll never forget the day I demolished the epic 4 patty, 8 bacon rasher, 8 cheese slice monster with a large fries .. and had heartburn for days after. Worth it!? You bet 😉



The ‘fancy’ one: perhaps not one of the better quality burger joints but for more of a sit-down meal (and somewhere you can book) Haché burgers is a decent option. They have a ridiculously extensive menu, with additions including everything from prawns to Bavarian cheese and even truffle. Not only can you choose a huge range of toppings and sides, you can also opt for a ciabatta instead of the traditional brioche bun. But you wouldn’t do that would you? Pillow soft brioche buns are life!


The “get a drink while you wait” one: I hate queuing. Who doesn’t!? Honest burgers do a pretty decent burger, and you can leave your number (and watch your place in the queue online too!) whilst you get a drink – they’ll call you when your table’s ready! Oh, and they do a breakfast menu complete with a breakfast burger too!


The Friday-night one: Meat Liquor
Music so loud you can’t hold a conversation? Check. Lights so dark and red that you can’t see anything? Check. Great burgers and plenty of drinks? Check. Perfect for a Friday night (or going out with people you don’t really want to talk to!) but definitely not one for a relaxed meal. You’re even forced to go to the back of the queue if more people join you – another reason to go with people you don’t really like! 😉 If you go with a group of friends though you can book the slightly less loud (and marginally less nightclub-like Meat Mission (where this photo is from!).. check out those mountains of chilli cheese fries!

The market-only burger: Burgers have to be one of the most popular street-food stalls, and too often they’re a disappointment, but at Mother Flipper they’re cooked to perfection. Plus you can get thick strips of maple candied bacon.. Need I say more!?


The different one: Frenchie Bistro (Southbank Market)
Ok not technically a burger but who cares about technicalities when you can get a confit duck burger with toppings like red onion chutney, duck skin scratchings and goats cheese & truffle honey!? And if a traditional burger is more your thing then go anyway, and get their fries – they are unreal! Fried in duck fat they’re soft, fluffy and ridiculously crispy. And they’re served with the most heavenly truffle mayo (this is coming from someone who doesn’t even like normal mayo!!).


The overrated one: Highly controversial (as it’s well known and much loved) but having tried Bleecker Street at Dalston Yard Street Feast I was underwhelmed to say the least. A slightly stale sesame topped bun with a few bits of limp lettuce poking out, it was reminiscent of many a late night takeaway on the curry mile.. I have since tried their burger inside a bao at Kerb’s incredible birthday party collaboration though, and it was pretty good, so maybe I need to give it another go; everyone deserves a second chance after all!


The (dare I say it!) vegan one: Now I’m not a vegan – evidently far from it, so I can’t claim to have tried any sort of variety of vegan burgers, and I’m sure there are a ton of awesome veggie and vegan burgers out there, but Temple of Seitan appeared at Kerb’s vegan food festival. With a ticket to try dishes from all of the traders at the festival I got my fair share of vegan street food that evening and I have to say this was undoubtedly one of the more memorable ones! I’d never tried seitan before but I loved the texture and the flavour.. yes it clearly wasn’t meat but compared to other veggie and bean-type burgers it certainly wasn’t a million miles off and I’d definitely have another!


Admittedly it’s been a while since I’ve tried anywhere new.. I have so many places still to try on my list (Dip & Flip, Mac & Wild and Dirty Burger to name a few!), but pizzas always seem to win over burgers for me these days! What are your favourite burger spots in London?

PS sorry for the horrendous quality of some of the photos.. safe to say my photography skills used to be even worse than they are now!!

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