Brunch – my current favourites!

Lists. Where would every sane person be without them!? Ironically I have more lists than I can keep track of, but I’d be totally lost without them – with the longest undoubtedly being my ‘places to eat’ list. In fact, that list got so long that I split it into separate lists for different meals, but then the brunch list got so long that I needed to split that again, with different lists having different priority levels! Surely every food-lover does the same..

Back when I first set up my blog I did think about writing lists (and I have done a couple here and here), but I realised it was too difficult – my tastes change all the time, I’m constantly discovering new places, and I often find that a recent experience is pretty difficult to compare to a past experience that is now just a distant memory.

As an lover of all things breakfast and brunch related though, I thought it would be wrong not to mention a few of my current favourites, even if they do change in the future!

Timmy Green


The 5th of what I believe is now seven locations, their expansion all over London is clear testament to the success of the Daisy Green collection. With a focus on Antipodean cuisine, their dishes are bright, colourful and beautifully thought out – I’ve yet to eat a bad plate of food from there! You’re absolutely spoilt for choice when it comes to savoury options, but make sure you don’t miss out on their glorious banana bread sandwich (it comes thickly sliced, sandwiched together with mascarpone, fresh berries, flaked almonds and honey, and they always have a selection of baked goods on the counter too. Of course brunch is my favourite of their menus, but they have a great all-day menu too – I mean how can you go wrong with halloumi fries!?

Duck & Waffle


A firm favourite for me, and somewhere I’ll return to time and time again. Surprisingly reasonably priced given it’s central location and stunning views, it’s the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion, but make sure you book well in advance (I’m talking the moment reservations open kind-of-advanced!). It goes without saying that their signature duck & waffle is a wonderful choice, but their ox cheek benedict is a very close second for me. And doughnut fan or not, a trip is not complete without one of their spicy ox cheek doughnuts.. oh, and did I mention the torrejas? (It says serves two, but trust me you will not want to share!). Read more here.

The Good Egg




One of the first Middle-Eastern brunch spots I tried in London, The Good Egg will always have a special place on my list – their chocolate babka alone is reason-enough to go! Their date and pecan one is pretty special too though, as is their morning bun, and if you don’t try every single bread from their clay oven then you’re missing out! All that’s before you get to the actual food menu which is pretty much impossible to order badly from. Order their Jerusalem breakfast for a taste of everything or their shakshuka for one of the best in London, but their sabih is my all-time favourite dish. Their raging success has led to a second opening in the beautiful Kingly Court, but their Stoke Newington location remains my favourite. Full review here.

Friends of Ours



The brainchild of two City workers, one of whom travelled all over Australia and New Zealand to discover and learn more about their unrivalled brunch cultures, it was always going to be a raging success. With great coffee, an ever changing menu making use of fresh, seasonal ingredients and a counter of Aussie-inspired treats, it’s not difficult to see why there’s an ever-present queue outside this popular Shoreditch brunch spot. More details here.




A neighbourhood cafe and restaurant who keep things so refreshingly simple that they don’t even have a website! Like most popular brunch spots, you can’t book, but based in the beautiful area of Islington there are certainly worse places to sit and wait! Their menu is surprisingly extensive with some wonderfully unique options on there, but if you only have space for one thing, make sure it’s their buttermilk pancakes with berry compote, bacon, maple syrup and honeycomb butter – they’re absolutely heavenly! Read the full review here.


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