Lily O’Brien’s

I love doing nice things for people and surprising people. I don’t do it to get anything in return – it genuinely makes me so happy to put a smile on someone’s face, and much as I joke that I have zero will power when it comes to treats, if I’ve bought a cake, chocolate or any other delicious gift for someone I will never, ever eat it – in fact, if I got (for example) a delicious cake that I know my mum would love, it’d make me happier to save it for her than to eat it myself!

I posted recently about how the kindest gesture from a follower really made my week, when they posted a package of treats to me all the way from Australia after having seen that I’d tried (and loved) a snack bar when I travelled out there earlier this year. I absolutely love surprises and because it’s usually me doing the giving, it’s so incredibly lovely to have someone surprise me for a change – I find it’s the smallest gestures that can really make a huge difference to someone, whether they’re going through a tough time, are celebrating an achievement or simply could do with a little surprise to get them through the week.

When I got the chance to work with lily O’Brien’s on their new “Perfectly Personalised Chocolate Gifts” I jumped at the opportunity to make someone’s day .. I could immediately think of several friends and family members who would love a surprise box of chocolates – some are going through tough break-ups, one has just been made redundant and on the flip side one just got a new job after trying for so long! Then there are all of the people like my mum would just love a little surprise through the post 🙂

The idea is that you nominate a friend (or family member/ loved one) in need of a box of chocolates, whether it’s to cheer them up or simply say hi. You can choose your favourite assorted collection, upload images of your choice and add a personalised message – the perfect gift for any occasion! The chocolates arrived beautifully packaged – the box itself is sturdy and I was surprised at how perfectly it had withstood the (sometimes horrendous!) handling at the sorting office – I’ve had parcels that have arrived dented and crushed but these were delivered in perfect condition. The photos were beautifully mounted, and inside the chocolates were delicately wrapped in tissue with the personalised message left on top with a ribbon. I feel like they’ve really gone the extra mile to make the box feel special – it’s not just a flimsy cardboard box with a few images printed on top, it feels like a proper gift.


Despite making one for a friend I was lucky enough to be sent a box of my own to try for myself! You can choose from a range of chocolates but I always find that no matter what selection box I get I’m happy (as long as it’s not an alcohol based one!). In my box were Himalayan salted caramel, Death by Chocolate (a classic ganache), Le Crunch Chocolat (with little biscuit pieces!), Key Lime Pie, Sticky Toffee, Honeycomb Crisp, Marbellini (white and dark marbled chocolate), Zesty Orange, Espresso Caramel and Praline Perfection – it’s rare for me to get a whole box where there’s not one flavour I don’t like but these were all lovely.. safe to say the box didn’t last very long, but what does in my presence!?

Link to their website:

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