Dirty Bones

Refined dishes and American-style comfort food are not phrases you’d usually ever see together. The latter usually means mountains of oily, stodgy food with very little thought going into style or presentation. Not at Dirty Bones. Somehow they manage both. Good, warming comfort food presented immaculately with all of the flavour and comfort you’re looking for but without the need to sleep it off in a grease induced food coma for the rest of the day!

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I’m surprised by how many messages I got asking for food requests from New York citizens and foreigners alike – I’m sorry I can’t reply to everyone individually but hopefully this blog post helps!

Although we were only in New York for 5 days and there were many places we didnโ€™t make it to I think we still probably managed to eat what the average couple would’ve got through in a month ๐Ÿ˜› So I’ll do my best to list some of my favourites including a few absolute must-visits if you’re only there for a few days!

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Sometimes (letโ€™s be honest โ€“ pretty much every time) I go on brunch dates with friends, I feel like the greedy one โ€“ the one who wants to order several plates of food while everyoneโ€™s stuffed after one. Thereโ€™s nothing worse than going for tapas with picky eaters with small appetites, so when I arranged this particular brunch date, I jumped at the opportunity to go to Andina. Iโ€™d been to Opso with this friend before, and weโ€™d ordered an absolute feast between us โ€“ like me, sheโ€™s up for trying pretty much anything (except offal; we both agreed thatโ€™s firmly off the table!) and she can eat.. a lot!

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Bill’s restaurant

You all know how much I love trying new places, and how my infatuation with London stems from all of the incredible independent cafes, restaurants and coffee shops around, but often finding exciting, independent places to eat just isnโ€™t practical.

I imagine a lot of Londoners take all of the incredible restaurants on their doorstep for granted sometimes; just twenty minutes north of London in St Albans and itโ€™s a completely different story.

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