Cocotte Rotisserie

La Cocotte is a chicken rotisserie restaurant based in the beautiful area that is Notting Hill. With a focus around grilled chicken and sides, you’d be forgiven for expecting a bit of a glorified Nandos, but as soon as you step inside the restaurant you’ll forget that thought even crossed your mind – the focus on chicken is quite literally where the similarity ends. Good quality, warming comfort food, a beautiful interior and a bar serving up incredible cocktails – it couldn’t be further away from the global fast-food chain.

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The Catch

It’s not often that I blog about places in Yorkshire. I’m lucky enough to have eaten at more restaurants and pubs than I can begin to count, as Marcus’ parents don’t cook (besides pie and chips and the odd roast dinner!) so every time we go up North we’re guaranteed to be taken out for dinner, but generally we end up at local pubs which are lovely, but very few stand out enough for me to feel it warrants a post.

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45 Jermyn Street

As a congratulatory gesture for winning a medal at the Olympics, Fortnum & Mason were generous enough to offer Marcus a complimentary dining experience – afternoon tea for four, or dinner for four.* We often go for afternoon tea, and it’s no secret that I love it, but we hardly ever go for dinner at fine dining restaurants and we thought it would be a lovely way to catch up with my parents, who we rarely see. My parents don’t have a sweet tooth either so I thought dinner would suit them far more, and sure enough when we told them they were delighted 🙂

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Dirty Bones

Refined dishes and American-style comfort food are not phrases you’d usually ever see together. The latter usually means mountains of oily, stodgy food with very little thought going into style or presentation. Not at Dirty Bones. Somehow they manage both. Good, warming comfort food presented immaculately with all of the flavour and comfort you’re looking for but without the need to sleep it off in a grease induced food coma for the rest of the day!

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A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to be invited down to Roast restaurant to review some of their dishes for my blog. Of course I was excited – who doesn’t love a good roast dinner!? It’s one of my all-time favourite meals and I have so many fond childhood memories of roast dinners – to this day they still bring back such a wonderful sense of childhood nostalgia. We’d always have it in the evening and I remember looking forward to it all day, with the delicious smells coming from the kitchen all afternoon and my dad joking that it was the only meal he could cook.

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