‘Brew the Tea of all Teas’ – the ultimate cuppa from English Tea Shop

Is there anything more quintessentially British than a good mug of tea? The first thing I do when I have friends round is to put the kettle on and some of my favourite things – afternoon tea, a good catch up over tea and cake or cosy nights in with tea and biscuits in front of the TV all revolve around it.

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London Cocktail Week with Discover Kale

To celebrate London Cocktail Week (2nd– 8th October 2017) Discover Kale offered to send me a cocktail making kit. I love kale (controversial perhaps but I genuinely do love it!) and I love cocktails (they’re one of few alcoholic drinks I ever have!) but I wasn’t sure I could see any connection between the two! Nevertheless I agreed – I’ve never tried to make my own cocktails before and was excited to try! – and was sent a champagne saucer (I had no idea what it was before I read the blogger’s brief!), a metal cocktail shaker and a bottle of Pin Gin – Lincolshire’s premier gin created by Bottomley Distillers.

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Union Coffee

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an absolute coffee fanatic! It’s hard to believe that when I first started work I didn’t like the taste of it – I’d drink Starbucks (I know – don’t judge me!!) with as much milk and sugar as possible to make it bearable and keep me awake – how times have changed! Now I like it seriously strong, and I’ve definitely turned into a bit of a coffee snob – I love independent coffee places but despite wanting to support them I genuinely much prefer the taste.. I actually can’t believe I used to like Starbucks coffee!

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I don’t know about you but all of my favourite childhood memories seem to relate to food, whether it was family roast dinners, Tuesday night fish and chips (yes I know it’s a random night – it was the night when both of my parents worked late!) or begging my mum to take us to McDonalds on the way home from training, but my favourite memories are of the snacks we used to eat as kids. Who remembers going down to the corner shop (when pretty much everything was 10p, and 1p sweets were actually 1p – I know, I sound so old!), excited to pick out snacks with the 20p you’d begged your parents for!? As a child I actually had far more of a savoury than a sweet tooth and I got through crisps like they were going out of fashion! Some of my favourites included Pom Bears, Monster Munch, Hula Hoops and Wheat Crunchies.. then I met Marcus who was Quavers and Wotsits obsessed!

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For months before our wedding we were wondering if we were missing something. So many people had told me that planning their wedding had been the hardest and most stressful thing they’d ever done, yet we were completely relaxed and wondering what people could possibly worry about. Maybe we just got lucky that our suppliers and venue were so incredible, maybe the significance of the day didn’t really sink in (I’m still not sure it has!) or maybe it was because I’ve never been one of those who has ever pictured a “dream wedding” in my head but I wanted to post about the people/companies who really went above and beyond to make our day run so seamlessly so that they get the credit (and hopefully future business) that they deserve. This is not a sponsored post and I’m not affiliated with any of the companies or people mentioned in this post – any suppliers that we weren’t impressed with/wouldn’t recommend simply aren’t mentioned 🙂

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