Thomas J Fudge – mulled wine

There are certain things that it’s just criminal not to have over the festive period and for me mulled wine is one of them. Mulled wine and mince pies are two things I can honestly say I feel almost no desire to eat for the rest of the year, but everything about them just screams Christmas, so when it comes to the holidays – let’s be honest.. the whole month of December – I eat them in abundance. After all the supermarkets have had them out since October!

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Chocolate chia cookies

I am an absolute cookie monster! Okay.. I love all things sweet but cakes and cookies are definitely my biggest weakness. As I write this I’m on a plane and I’m greedily eyeing up the air hostesses handing out white chocolate cookies – I’m in the middle so I get to be served twice, once from each side.. that’s how it works right!? 🙂 In my opinion, nothing is better than a warm, fresh cookie, slightly underdone in the middle, chewy and stuffed full of chocolate chunks!  Continue reading Chocolate chia cookies