Veer Dhara

Since moving down South I have discovered a real love for Indian food. It’s so full of flavour, fragrance and spices and so much care and passion goes into their cooking. Ironically I went to university in Manchester where I lived literally a stone’s throw away from the curry mile but I wasn’t a huge fan of Indian food then and I’d only go when my parents came to visit, or if we had a social at a curry house. I’d love to go back now and eat there again, especially to compare the quality to some of the Indian restaurants I’ve visited in and around London!

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Bakehouse St Albans

Writing this post makes me a bit sad if I’m honest, as I think about how much this place has changed (for the worse) since we moved to St Albans three and a half years ago. Looking back at all of the pictures I have of the ‘old’ Bakehouse reminds me of just how good it was.. and how bad it is now in comparison.

We first discovered Bakehouse at a food market soon after moving to St Albans. They had a stall brimming with cakes, flyers, samples and some treats available to buy. Despite only being a small city, St Albans is a huge foodie place with regular food markets, food festivals, a lot of independent restaurants/cafes and a ridiculous number of pubs!

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The Pudding Stop

This place is one of my favourite places to visit in St Albans – and if you’re ever in the area (or even close.. it’s worth the detour!) I can’t recommend it enough! It’s a tiny place with all of the charm and quality of an independent cafe. Every time we go in there it’s busy – and with good reason. They only do puddings, and they do them seriously well..

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